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Best Rubik's Cube Gift Ideas

Updated on March 14, 2011
rubik's cube gift ideas, cohdra,
rubik's cube gift ideas, cohdra,

Say, the name Rubik's cube and almost everybody will think of that colorful puzzle that has driven even the smartest people on earth crazy. Featured in the 2006 movie ''The pursuit of happiness'' actor Will Smith plays the role of Chris Gardner and solves the puzzle to impress a potential employer. In the sci-fi movie Armageddon instead, Rockhound successfully solves a Rubik's cube in a psychological evaluation test given for a special space mission. A less impressive performance was featured in the 1998 comedy movie ''The wedding singer'' where a character gives up saying ''"No one will ever be able to solve that thing."

This tricky cube was originally developed by a Hungarian sculptor and professor in 1974 named Erin Rubik. The 3D puzzle cube was originally called the ''magic cube''. The game won the ''German Game of the Year'' award in 1980 once licensed to be sold by Ideal toys.

Initially the intention of Erin Rubik in creating the cube was to use it as a teaching cube to have his students grasp the idea of 3D objects. This teaching tool though has attracted the attention of many people making it one of the most sold toys worldwide.

Today there are also competitions involving the Rubix cube where contestants must solve the puzzle in the shortest time. There are several moves that may allow people to solve the puzzle in under 100 moves. There are also some less conventional competitions such as solving a Rubix cube blindfolded, underwater, with a single hand, or using feet.

When I got my first Rubix cube as a kid, I really scrambled it for good. Tired of attempting to solve the puzzle for countless days, one morning I brainstormed and finally came with the brilliant solution. I was able to solve it under 45 minutes which was pretty decent for a child my age... My secret solution? Take off all the stickers and line them up in neatly manner, tada!


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    • ocbill profile image

      ocbill 8 years ago from hopefully somewhere peaceful and nice

      back in my days, the cube has a much higher percentage than me of winning.