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Best baby dolls gifts for Christmas 2012

Updated on November 20, 2012

Special baby dolls for special children

Baby dolls have gone to that extra level. The motionless dolls of my long gone childhood are a memory of the past. Now dolls, seem to come to life by moving, eating, and even using the potty!

When my niece showed me her new Baby Born doll I was quite amazed. I was used to the old Cabbage Patch Kids that stood immobile on my shelf. I had to make them move to play with my friend's other Cabbage Patch Kids. Now dolls come alive allowing children to really get close to the real thing. Mother role playing for children must really feel interesting and exciting now!

My niece has called her baby Emily. She is a hairless baby with bright blue eyes and a neat lilac dress. Every morning Emily gets her dosage of food and water. Shortly thereafter, Emily is ready for a real life like diaper change. My niece showed me as well that Emily can use her own little potty. I couldn't believe my ears when I heard actually potty noises coming from her!

Suddenly Emily started crying. My niece grabbed her pacifier quick and she stopped immediately closing her eyes ready for a nap! I asked my niece then if I could hold her and as I inspected her I could not find a place for batteries. To my surprise Emily did not run on batteries!

How this doll works is still a mystery to me... I later learned that toy stores are now full are life like babies. Some cry, some allow children to brush their teeth, some wash their hands, swim while others play peek a boo. It is simply amazing how toys have changed from a generation to another!

Watch what this doll can do!


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    • profile image

      Taylor McNight 6 years ago

      I love the toys but i feel like they were over priced. I also think that there is not enough baby doll things at a reasonable price.i love whT IS IN THERE SO Far but i will not buy things with small things for such a huge price!!!

    • profile image

      Seirra N. 6 years ago

      I love this place. My sister will love all of the baby doll toys i got her at this place. Thank you so much!!!

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