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Best eco-friendly gifts

Updated on June 7, 2011

Going eco-friendly is the latest trend, and it is a very positive one. People are becoming more and more aware of the fact we have to take a little better care of our planet. So when buying gifts this year, why not go for some green gift options? I did some research and these are my favourites!

Buy eco-friendly gift baskets

On Amazon you will find some amazing ready-made ecofriendly gift baskets. You can choose one with all beauty products, one especially for babies and young mothers, or with a general selection of green gifts. Some of the typical things included are shopping bags, natural soaps and creams, organic food, eco-friendly organic candles. And for a few of them part of the profits go to a good cause, like for example Feed the Children. These are great gifts for new moms, to cheer up sick people, or for birthdays.

Buy eco-friendly cookware

This is a set of eco-friendly cooking utilities. You can buy a whole set, or just separate pots and pans. It is eco-friendly because no petroleum was used in the manufacturing, and is applied at a temperature that is a lot lower than that used for other nonstick pans. Because all of the pots and pans are nonstick. They are also free of PTFE and PFOA, so these substances will never be able to contaminate your food, plus they are very bad for the environment. These are perfect gifts for those who like to cook, or for young people and students first moving out.

Buy a solar panel

This might be news, but it is now possible to buy smaller solar panels for smaller appliances. So these do not need to be placed on the roof. There are many types of lights, either for inside or outside. You can put the panel in the sun during the day, and then the lamps will work at night in the dark. But there are also panels with plugs, so you use them to charge your laptop, your phone, or run kitchen appliances for example. There are many different sizes, ways to use the panels and price ranges. So go and have a look for yourself. This gift would be perfect for people who love nature and like to have their things run on solar energy. Or for people who regularly complain about their electricity bills, as this will save the recipient a lot of money.

Buy a Wind Generator

Instead of solar panels, you can also purchase a wind generator to supply power. This one can be used to power your laptop or kitchen appliances, or anything else, as well. It is a tad more expensive as a gift, so you better give this to someone you love very much! It generates electricity through wind, and when it is fully charged it stops automatically, and then resumes when you start using the power again.

Buy books on greener living

There are many books on how to live greener. About user more eco-friendly products, about saving energy, about renewable energy, about making your home more energy efficient, and many many more. These are great gifts for people who already care about living greener but are not sure how to go about it.

The Ecoholic book is one of my favourites. It discusses several products you use everyday and proposes many alternatives. Easy Green Living is also about how to make your home greener. There are lots of practical and easy to implement tips and tricks, and some great ways to save some money and live greener at the same time.

Best eco-friendly gifts
Best eco-friendly gifts

If we all work together we can make the world a much greener place. And it is easiest to start with the things you do and use every day. With giving out green gifts you will create awareness amongst your family and friends as well.


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    • willemab profile image

      willemab 7 years ago from Utrecht, Holland

      ik wil die 500 euro windmolen voor sinterklaas