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Birthday Celebrations Secrets Revealed

Updated on July 28, 2016

The atmosphere in the house was very festive. Bright lights illuminated the red, yellow, green, dark blue and purple balloons and ribbon dangled from the ceiling. People were sitting on the coaches and chair while others stood chattering in corners with small drinks and finger food. Soft music oozed through the sound system in the living room. The young woman cannot believe that many friends and relatives she hadn’t seen for months were here to celebrate the most important day of her life.

Birthdays should be one of the most significant and relational insightful events in a person’s life. It is a time to establish beautiful memories with family and friends. If there have been disagreements and fallouts, now is the time to make amends with a gift or a nice, brief speech. Such humble approach will most likely create a sense of oneness among the participants.

Relational Insights

In addition to creating fun-filled memories, a birthday celebration should provide many relational insights regarding relationship with friends and family. For example, a birthday can be a time of discovering whether or not friends are rally on our side. We can tell this by seeing if friends and relatives show up, watching their response and observing their overall approach toward you.

When our friends or relatives appear at our birthday party there is a good chance that they really do value our personhood. Their arrival gives us a sense of appreciation and when we see their faces or here their voices we tend to gain a sense of worthiness. After all, our friends have taken time out from their busy schedule to perhaps travel across town just to be there for us.


Symbolism in Birthday Parties

What Activities do You Receive Special Meaning?

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We assess the sincerity of our true friends by watching their reactions when everyone is reaching out to us with love and affection. I have seen, in many cases, a sense of jealousy or envy in the face of those so-called friends doesn’t want you to have a wonderful time. Some may desire your friendship all to themselves while others may think they deserve more than you.

Another way we can tell if relationships with friends and family are genuine is by the approach. If our friends approach us with and genuine embrace and excitement in their eyes, then we can say the real thing is on the scene. But if they do everything to avoid hugging us and looking into our eyes, nine time out of ten something inside them has disconnected.

Nevertheless, once we know the quality of our relationships, we can perhaps begin the process of relational healing and reconciliation.

Symbolism within Party Activities

In addition to being aware of what we must do with our relationships, we must also be able to recognize the symbolism in all the other typical activities that occur at birthday parties, including blowing out candles, cutting the cake and opening gifts.

Blowing out candles can be viewed as a way of releasing the old and embracing the new. Putting old things behind you always open the door for something new to occur. Life is meant to be an adventure in which we grow from one level to another. When we approach life with this mindset, we are able to discovery new dimensions of ourselves.

Having a Fun-filled Birthday Celebration

Hand Made Bouquets
Board Games
Jokes about Birthday Person
Cup Holders
Special Photo Themes
Music Themes(60s, 70s, 80s)
Water Baloons
Modeling and Acting skits

On your next birthday party, try to see special meaning in every interaction and activities. It could change your life forever.

The act of cutting the cake is symbolic of sharing the sweetness of life with others. When you cut the cake, you desire others along with yourself to experience the joy and gladness the journey of life has to offer. Friendships should grow sweeter year be year. Sharing cake together encourages everyone to continue to appreciate the good things of life.

The Specialness that the Gift Represents

The gifts we receive from our friends and relatives can reveal how special we are to them. What they give us can mean several things. A single gift can change your life forever. It shows our worth in others eyes. However, the measure of our worth is not based upon the expensiveness of the gift, but the representation within the gift.

Birthday Ideas & Romantic Relationships

A gift can indicate love, the future, or a change message. For example, if we are trying to lose weight, any gift dealing with weight loss should be viewed as an encouragement rather than an offense toward us. If our life is out of order, a gift dealing with scheduling and organization should be symbols of tender loving care.

Reflecting Upon the Future

After the celebration is over, reflect upon your life. See your birthday celebrations as a time to appreciate the milestones you have achieved in life as well as the ones you have yet to master. Schedule your life in a way that your next birthday celebration is more exciting than the ones in the past. Hopefully, disconnected relationships have been mended and awkward perceptions have come into clear focus. Never look at birthday celebrations as just a typical event that everyone comes to have a good time and forget about it the next day. Life is too short to treat it like that. Make your birthday celebration in event where knowledge and growth becomes a great possibility.


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