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Birthday Gifts for Pregnant Women

Updated on September 4, 2010

Looking for a great birthday gift for pregnant women?  There are all kinds of great baby gifts everywhere you look, but it's a lot harder to find something nice for the mother-to-be.  Here are a few birthday gifts for pregnant women that will help her feel pampered and special on her special day.

Mother to Be Gift Set

This gift set it the perfect gift idea for pregnant women who enjoy being pampered.  It includes a comfy waffle weave robe that gets softer every time it is washed.  There is also a pair of matching adjustable slippers and a jar of shea butter, which helps soften and restore the skin.

Mother-to-be Pregnancy Book

This stylish keepsake book is the perfect place for the mother-to-be to write down her experiences during pregnancy.  It is a top-bound book with a pastel stripe pattern on the cover.  This is one of the best gifts for pregnant women who like to keep a diary or journal.  It provides a place for all of her pregnancy-related thoughts and dreams.

Yogi Woman's Mother-to-be Herbal Tea

Another one of the best birthday gift ideas for pregnant women is Yogi Woman's Mother to Be herbal tea.  This tea contains peppermint, spearmint and anise to calm nausea for moms who are experiencing morning sickness.  It also contains other herbs that are believed to help a woman's body as it undergoes various changes during pregnancy.

Mozart for Mothers-to-be

This audio CD is one of the few birthday gifts for pregnant women that can be shared with the baby as well.  Since the unborn baby can hear sounds from the outside world months before it is ready to be born, the baby can share in enjoying the tender lullabies by Mozart that are included on this CD.  If you'd rather have it in MP3 format, you can purchase the whole album in MP3 format as well.  Another option would be to purchase the album or the individual songs you like and load them onto an MP3 player for the mother-to-be along with lullabies from other albums.

Of course, birthday gifts for pregnant women don't always have to be about the baby or the pregnancy.  If you want your gift to focus more on the mother, remember that at this time in her life she probably enjoys being pampered, so a gift set containing spa products or bath items will be welcome.  Just make sure they aren't too heavily scented, because scented items can sometimes trigger nausea in pregnant women.


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    • PaperNotes profile image

      PaperNotes 7 years ago

      Lately I have been wondering when I'll be getting pregnant again so my unica hija will have her own siblings. I guess that would still be a few years from now but those gifts are great I think I'm changing my mind!