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Birthday Poems and Sayings

Updated on August 14, 2016
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Lena Kovadlo is a writer for various content sharing websites. She's an author of 10 books, and helps other authors publish their books.

birthday poems and sayings...
birthday poems and sayings...

Birthdays come with surprises and gifts. What better way to surprise someone on their birthday than with personally written birthday poems and sayings to go along with those other gifts.

You don't have to be a professional poet to do this. And you don't need to be the king or queen of rhyme. Just write from your heart and wish that special person the best things life has to offer. Don't just wish them what you want them to have or experience. Wish for what they truly desire most to come true.

Your birthday poems or greetings don't have to be very long. They just have to be moving and meaningful. You have to make that person smile and feel happy inside. You want to touch them in some way too. Whatever you do don't be negative. Fill that person with hope, especially if their year hasn't been the best or filled with some disappointments.

Your birthday poems or greetings don't have to be straight forward. They can be creative too and utilize poetic techniques such as metaphors, similes, alliteration, etc. They can even be written in a poetic form rather than just being free verse.

For example, you can write a birthday poem in the form of a Shakespearean Sonnet or in the form of a Villanelle. You can think of a greeting poem as any other poem you've ever written and follow the same approach and use the same techniques you use to write those. Your intention or focus will just be slightly different in terms of what you want the poem to convey.

Learning how to write birthday greetings may be a challenge at first if you've never written one before, but it is not difficult to master. The more birthday poems you write the easier it will be for you in the future. The important thing is not to get frustrated if it doesn't work out for you this time around.

When someone's birthday rolls around I am always excited to write a birthday poem or greeting to that person. That means more to me than buying him/her a material gift. The downside is that most people don't appreciate this gift. I rarely, if at all, get a thank you and so assume that my efforts and my birthday greetings are not appreciated. Makes me settle for just buying a greeting card that already has something written on it. But even then I don't just buy the first card I see. I spend time looking through the cards until I find one that speaks to me, one that I think is worthy of being gifted. Yet, I still don't get any thank yous for the card, most of the time, and those cards don't come cheap either these days.

Perhaps, people don't really thank others for the greeting cards they get from them, regardless if they were bought in store with greetings on them or have been hand-made. If that's the case then it's very disappointing. It shouldn't be that way. Birthday greetings may not be worth a huge sum of money but their worth is much higher than any dollar amount out there. It is the sentimental value of the card that is important and not their monetary value. And many cards don't come cheap these days either. Some cards cost over five dollars and they are not even that great to begin with.

We still continue to gift people greeting cards especially if we choose to gift them money or write them a check for their birthdays. We can't just stuff the money or the check in their face. We have to put it in an envelope and gifting an empty envelope doesn't seem nice. So we buy the card anyway. Yet some people probably don't even read the inside of the card. They just take out the money or the check and either throw the card out if it's been signed or written in, or put it away for future use if it has not been written in. A card that hasn't been written in can, in fact, be gifted to someone else so why throw it away?

Do you write your own birthday greetings for friends and loved ones?

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    • profile image

      Jane Perinacci 11 months ago

      It's a much more personal touch to write the greeting yourself. 'Enjoyed the article.

    • lovebuglena profile image

      Lena Kovadlo 4 years ago from Staten Island, NY

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts and comments Regis. I have edited that line. What I mean is this... Don't wish them what you want for them, but wish them that what they truly desire comes true.

    • rauffray profile image

      rauffray 4 years ago from BC, Canada

      "Wish them for what their desire most to come true. " Did you mean to write "what they desire to come true?"

      These are very good suggestions, Lena and I appreciate the sentiments that you share. When I give birthday wishes in a formal manner (and that is not often), I like to create my own "card" in Word and add my own photos/images and words. Thank you for sharing.

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