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Good Birthday gift for her: Best & personalized greeting ideas

Updated on February 1, 2011

Birthday gifts are memorable ones especially to women. The thought, gift for her mostly refers to your spouse or girl friend and may also include friend, daughter, mother, sister, grandma, aunt etc. Gift to be given on her birthday is worth thinking. Because the tastes and preferences of women changes based on the

Age of her: Young age (possessive oriented), at old age (gratitude oriented) etc.

Place:  The place where she hails from or where she presently resides.

Social condition: This indicates her status, job profile, religion etc.

The person gifting her: Gift expected from a spouse or boy friend is very different from that given by brother, dad etc.

Most of them tend to keep the gifts safely as memories of affection they received. So it is best to gift one on her birthday to make her feel concerned and also remember your affection.

Gifts even act to mention how much you care for her and how much you understand her.

So lets have an idea of what to consider and what to gift her .

Gift ideas for wife or girl friend

The following are list of gifts which can be given to any woman but preferably to your wife or girlfriend. Here the relationship is aimed to satisfy possessiveness.

Flower bouquet: A fresh set of flowers are always appealing to women. Have an idea of the flowers which she likes most. But in many cases Roses are recommended.

Eatables: Favorite eatables like ice cream, chocolates and sweets are very much interesting as many of them tend to be heavy eaters ;-).

Birthday greeting card: This is one of the best option as you can even convey some personal message.

Jewelry: Jewelry like rings, pendants which are attractive and crisp will enlighten her mood. They also act as items for long term memory. Since they are also expensive sometimes they stand to indicate how much she is worth to you.

Decorative items: Like dress, bags, shoe, perfumes, sprays are also suitable gift items.

Conveyances & properties: This is an expensive gift but it stands to indicate your regard for her. You can gift her a nice car, home etc.

Site seeing, dinner arrangements: These are gifts which help you spend together and have some light time.

Birthday gift ideas for women other than wife & Girlfriend

Gift ideas for women other than wife or girlfriend is that here the affection is concerned with only attachments and not possessiveness. So gifts can be different

Gift ideas for Sister:To a sister brother is one who shared things since her childhood. So the gifts which she expects from will be like

Money or cash: Give her a sufficient money for shopping on the day.

Greeting card: A simple greeting card works if you are preferably younger to her.

Gift a book: If she is a book freak then gift her a good book like novel.

Electronic gadgets: You can gift her latest electronic gadgets like a mobile phone, e reader, i Pad etc.

Toys: Like teddy bear etc.

Domestic animals: Like puppies, kitten etc.

Gift Ideas for your daughter

The relationship here shows intimacy, belonging-ness and also care taking type. So you may need to do anything to make her happy like a child.

Donate for charity: Give away money etc for charity in her name through her hands.

Tour package as gift: If she is old enough to travel give a tour voucher for beautiful places which she is eager to visit.

Gift a conveyance: Gift her a beautiful car, bike for her to roam around.

Dinner in a restaurant: Spend with her in a dinner at a restaurant with all the family members.

Electronic gadgets: Gift her watches, ipad, ereader etc.

Give her memorable things like dress, pictures, wall papers, musical instruments.

Arrange for a pet animal or aquarium in her bed room.

Birthday gift ideas for mother:

Here the relationship is mostly gratitude and regard oriented. Expectation is almost nil or minimum.

So gift are meant only for our satisfaction. Since they are concerned with our well being gift idea like

Kitchen accessories: Present her some easy to use kitchen accessories to minimize her work.

Good dress: Present her with a good dress to wear on the day.

Stay with her: Try to stay with her as much as possible on the day assisting her in her work.

Take her to a movie or restaurant with entire family.

Gift her any special plants to grow at home.

Gift ideas for grandma

Here the relationship is concerned to provide feeling of respected, togetherness (avoid loneliness), concerned, gratitude. Gifts required here are mostly simple

Flower bouquet: A nice set of flowers can be really appealing to them.

Pictures and photographs of past memories can make them happy.

Visiting a church, temple,

Good dress, foot wear, perfumes etc.

Eatables like sweets, spicy foods, wine if habituated

These are some of the birthday gift ideas for her.....


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