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Weird, Bizarre and Strange Holidays to Celebrate in January

Updated on December 29, 2015
Celebrate some of these weird holidays in January
Celebrate some of these weird holidays in January

The Weird, The Wacky, The Bizarre

So, you thought that just because you packed away the New Year's noisemakers that the celebrations were over, did you? Think again, because the party's just getting started folks. That holiday cheer from December can last you all year long, and this hub will help by guiding you to some of the more Bizarre Holidays in January.


I have to apologize for any of the weekly observances being late. I only came across these fascinating holidays today. They are being included though, so that you can mark your calendars for next year.

These specially recognized days are all foreign to me, I've never heard of a one of them.  If you have some first hand knowledge to share about any, I'd love to hear it.

January Daily Observances


Jan. 2nd - Run Up the Flagpole & See If Anybody Salutes It Day - I think it's obvious how to celebrate this one. Have fun.

Jan. 3rd - Festival of Sleep Day / Humiliation Day (separate holidays) - Another no brainer re ways to celebrate.

Jan. 3rd - Fruitcake Toss Day - Yes folks, there is something you can do with those fruitcakes that you got for Christmas. If you get really good, you may want to consider entering the Great Fruitcake Toss in Manitou Springs, Colorado. The all-time record is 1,420 feet. Think you can beat it with that fruitcake that's been sitting in your freezer for the last three years?

Jan. 3rd. - Remember You Die Day - Memento Mori - Contrary to the way it sounds, Memento Mori Day is to remind us not only that we die, but that we are now alive and should celebrate that fact. If you're so inclinded, you could combine Remember You Die Day with Fruitcake Toss Day and really celebrate life! Wouldn't it be great if they renamed this one, "Remember You Live Day"? That would sound so much happier and a little less like a threat from a hit man. As it stands, it's a little too Don Corlioni for me.

Jan. 4th - Dimpled Chad Day - I'm not sure why this is celebrated, but apparently it is a U.S. political holiday that has something to do with voting ballots that haven't been completely punched through. The holiday began with the mess in Florida during the election that got George Bush into the White House. I remember watching CNN about that in 2000, when all the ballots had to be recounted. This holiday doesn't really sound like fun, I just thought the name was funny, kind of like one of those strange British foods or fish. 'I'll have two of your best dimpled chads!' Of course, if you take the name literally, it is a guy whose name is Chad and he has dimples. I don't get it.

Jan. 4th - National Blender Day / National Spaghetti Day / Wear Brown Shoes Day (these are separate holidays) - No big national celebrations as far as I know, but don't let that stop you from making it a special holiday at your house. Wear your brown shoes and mix the sauce for your pasta in the blender. That way, you can get all three holidays in at once.

Jan. 6th - Bean Day - A musical day.

Jan. 10th - Peculiar People Day - Let's celebrate them!

Jan. 12th - Feast of Fabulous Wild Men Day - I like it! I'm sure that you ladies will think of some way to enjoy this day.

Jan. 13th - Blame Someone Else Day - It's your fault.

Jan. 23rd - Snowplow Mailbox Hockey Day - What fun! All you need is a snowplow and some country mailboxes to play this game. I was a little surprised to find it listed as a holiday. Naturally, all the sites that I saw it on had the disclaimer you'd expect to find. Guess I should say it too - DO NOT DO THIS. DANGER. BAD. GO FIND SOMETHING SAFE, LEGAL & CONSTRUCTIVE TO DO.

Jan. 27th - Thomas Crapper Day - A day to honour your porcelain throne.

January Weekly Observances


* I don't know why they call some of these 'week' celebrations as many are only a few days in duration.

Jan. 2 - 5th - Someday We'll Laugh About This Week - Laugh about what? If we're not going to laugh about it then, when will we? 'They' say that this week is good for relieving stress, but with all those questions, who can relax?

Laurel & Hardy Theme - The Dancing Cuckoos

National Cowboy Poetry Gathering - Elko, Nevada

Jan. 11 - 17th or Jan. 12 - 18th - Cuckoo Dancing Week - There seems to be some confusion over the date(s). Bet one of them's right. This week is in honour of Laurel and Hardy, whose theme song was, The Dancing Cuckoos. The Official Laurel and Hardy Site does not even mention the holiday, but I'll bet the boys would've appreciated the mix up regarding the dates.

Jan. 15 - 21st - Edgar Allen Poe Week - Woohoo!! If anybody wants to celebrate this one with me, let me know. I love Poe.

Jan. 18 - 24th - Hunt for Happiness Week - Sponsored by the Secret Society of Happy People (of course!). They encourage everyone to actively seek happiness during this week, with a special emphasis on children.

Jan. 24 - 31st - National Cowboy Poetry Gathering Week - I don't like poetry much, but I do like cowboys. Well, the good looking ones, anyway. I figured any event that brought a lot of them together in one place must be great. If you can't find me during this week, I'm off learning poetry appreciation. :)

Jan. 26 - 30th - No Name Calling Week - I expect you all to behave. 'Nuff said.

January Monthly Observances


California Dried Plum Digestive Health Month - Interesting. Am I the only one who was unaware of the concern regarding the digestive health of dried plums. Seriously, I cannot visualize anything other than Grandpa at the nursing home, gumming his digestive cookie, a bowl of stewed prunes (which were once dried) sitting in front of him. I think he's soiled his diapers.

International Change Your Stars Month - I'm not completely sure, but I think this one has something to do with making and keeping resolutions.

International Wealth Mentality Month - I'm all for this one! It's intention is to draw attention to the importance of building a wealth mentality, and to encourage people to clean up and organize their finances. Okay, this one might not be bizarre, but I like it.

National Be On Purpose Month - This is about taking charge of your life and making deliberate and conscious decisions. I guess they figure that if you like the results, you'll do it all year. Good idea.

Prune Breakfast Month - Same visual for me as California Dried Plum Digestive Health Month listing above!


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