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Black Star Canyon Hauntings

Updated on October 26, 2015

In the dark treacherous wilderness of the Black Star Canyon beneath the foothills of the Santa Ana Mountains remain mysteries of Urban Legends like "La Llorona" or "The Crying Banchee" that could be heard weeping in the dark hours of the night and into the wee hours of the morning sunlight.

Eerie and unearthly sounds ravage the wilderness with screaming, voices, howls, and whispers in the cold dark night. Ghostly apparations and shape shifters out of nowhere seem to appear and disappear, just as suddenly. The ghostly apparitions that have been seen in many places throughout the canyon are numerous and can be anything from women to apparitions of Indians riding horseback.

The history of the Black Star Canyon is very horrific and terrible, where incidents range from school bus crashes, satanic rituals, KKK meetings, murder, rape, and massacres dating back to the 1800's and when the Spanish Conquistadors conquered different areas of California especially in Orange County. The "Old Spanish Trail" is one of the places the spanish conquered and founded.

During the conquest the Spanish Conquistadors were very cruel, crude, and killed and massacred the local Indians and Mexicans without any remose or compassion. They slayed them with their swords and beheaded many and raped their women to win and conquer the local land in Orange County and throughout the hills, all the way to San Juan Capistrano. The spanish went through the towns and villages killing without even a warning to capture the people and land they set out to conquer many years ago. A bloody conquest in its own right when the Spaniards massacred the people of this remote area.

After the massacres in the 1700 to 1800's, the conquistadors mated with the local Indian and Mexican women and had babies called, "Mestizos." At this time, there was still undiscovered California frontier and many set out to conquer and gain ownership of the neighboring land and frontier. It was a dangerous and potentially volatile place to live during the ongoing conquests and massacres. The continuation of the fighting factions grew and it was the pioneers who were trying to conquer the villages and towns by taking control with violent fights with the locals who confronted them and defended their land. Many were killed during this time and the massacres of Indians, Mexicans, and Mestizos were rampant and it continued throughout the start and through the 18th centuries with many conquests.

One of the founders and pioneers of The Black Star Canyon and other areas of Orange County was William Wolfskill a trapper who was hired to protect and help the locals from "The Shoshome Indian" horse thieves became rich over the years because he sold land and he was one of the pioneers who came from New Mexico into California back in the 1800's and settled in Orange County.

William Wolfskill became a rich man and also hired a ranch foreman named Joseph Edward Pleasants to run his ranch. Jooseph Edwards Pleasants the ranch foreman also settled here in OC in 1856 and had wealth where he owned parts of Irvine Ranch and Tustin ranch. Both men traded with the Germans here in Anaheim to sell land they owned for and during the Orange Grove trade.

With the potential of riches both men William Wolfskill and Joseph Edward Pleasants they massacred "Indians, Ranchero Mexicans, and Mestizos" on the grounds of Black Star Canyon indescriminately in efforts to maintain control of the land and the riches contained in it.

As the years past many odd and terrible events occurred in the Black Star Canyon. With the most recent squatters claim to have seen and heard "La Llorona" or The Crying Banchee" in the cavernous areas of the canyon.

Squatters in the canyon claim to have seen the ghosly apparition of a woman or what is the urban legend "La Llorona" or "The Crying Banchee" she is said to roam the remote wilderness of Black Star Canyon as she weeps and cries for the death of children or babies in the wilderness. La Llorona only appears when or if there is a child tied to a death, murder, or accident. It is rumored "La Lllorona" was in Mexico or on the foothills of what was Mexico. The legend behind La Llorona is she weeps and cries profusely because she drowned her two babies, so when something occurs with a death of a child, or children, she appears. La Lllorona weeps because she lost her own children to a drowning and death, where she murdered her two children. If an accident or murder of some kind that involves a child or children occurs then La Lllorona makes her presence known and she is said to roam throughout the region of Mexico, Arizona, and the California foothills where the caverous areas of the territory that was once Mexico and she appears whenever there is an occurance of the same in the areas she roams.

The squatters and some people who investigated the rumors of Black Star Canyon have claimed to have seen apparitions of women and Indians on horseback on the hills of the canyons. They have also claimed to have seen shape shifters and apparitions on the site.

Voices, whispers, and horrible screams can be heard as the darknest descends on the black and gloomy canyon.

Other occurances that neighbors claim to have happened in the canyon and can attest to, are the satanic and witch rituals that have occurred late into the night on the grounds. When the rituals are carried out the sounds, voices, apparitions, and haunted grounds become even more inundated with a ghostly and unearthly presence. It is as if the rituals are made or had to draw out the evil that lurks in the darkest areas of the canyon.

The Black Star Canyon was also a site used by the KKK for initiation purposes so that its members could prove up the their bravery of their members by being alone on the haunted site of Black Star Canyon.

The Black Star Canyon also has a horrific history of a school bus crash that ran aground into a ravine many feet below the highway; where everyone of the children and adults on board were killed in the accident. This bus still lays in the same place it crashed and turned over, laying on its side in the ravine and a distance from the road it fell from and where it could be seen.

There also was a murder in 1899 in the Canyon of a young man who was shot to death.

There was also a rape in 2001 of two young girls who were venturing out in the night with there boyfriends and crossed the pass of some "cholos" who in tun beat and knocked the girl;s boyfriends unconscious and brutally raped the girls while they lay unconscious.

There is also a claim that Bigfoot was seen and walked along the ridges of the Canyon.


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