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Blue Christmas Tree

Updated on May 12, 2011

Are you looking for a blue Christmas tree? Blue Christmas trees are unique and different. People may scoff at the thought of even purchasing an artificial one; however, artificial trees are less messy and you don’t have to trek out in the cold to go buy one every year. Some artificial trees even save a homeowner money with energy saving models. A blue Christmas tree can come in a variety of shades of the coloring to suit a family needs. Spruces are traditional blue Christmas trees, but did you know that you can also get other vibrant blue colored trees to decorate? Trees can be baby blue to even a deep or dark blue in coloring. Pretty neat, huh? Of course, if you don’t want to venture off and get a different shade then there are always the traditional blue ones that are inexpensive when you consider that you can reuse it year after year by taking care of it. Check out everything you want to know about a Blue Christmas tree before you buy your next holiday décor.

Blue Christmas Trees - Small Options

Blue Christmas trees come in shorter models for those that don’t want a bulky tree. They also come in traditional spruce blue or even the vibrant blue colorings that were mentioned previously. You can also get pre-lit trees that are white or other colors with blue lights if you prefer. Shorter trees also come in full and pencil shape models. Pencil shape models are thin or lean. Sort of like a skinny Christmas tree.

If you live in a small apartment or space is a concern at your home, then consider getting a small blue Christmas tree. You’ll have much more room to place presents around the tree. You can also place the tree on top of your dining room table or even on a hutch. Simply place a towel underneath the stand to prevent any scratching. Purchase a skirt to cover up the stand.

Tall Blue Christmas Tree Options

Of course if you want a traditional, much larger blue Christmas tree, then you will find them in the shades and shapes as the shorter models. The Blue Christmas trees also generally come pre-lit so you won’t have worry about buying any light strands. They generally come pre-lit with white or blue lights but you may also find those with green and other colorings.

A blue Christmas tree would look pretty with silver or gold bulbs. White bulbs would also look nice on dark blue Christmas trees. Gold bulbs would be ideal for the light blue trees. Consider buying some bows, beads and other décor to compliment the coloring of your tree. You could also use ribbon instead of beads to help decorate. Simply buy some thick width ribbon and start at the top, then begin wrapping until you reach the bottom.

Elegant Vibrant Blue Christmas Tree - Pencil Style

Pencil shaped trees are becoming very trendy, especially colored version trees - blue, red, and white.
Pencil shaped trees are becoming very trendy, especially colored version trees - blue, red, and white.

Energy Saving Blue Christmas Tree Options

Traditional blue Christmas trees, such as artificial spruces come with energy saving lights that can save 80 percent on an electric bill compared to traditional Christmas lighting strands. The pre-lit trees are generally equipped with LED slight strands. Pre-lit energy saving Christmas trees also come in a wide variety of light coloring options. You can find multi-colored, your choice of coloring or even plain clear or white lights to suit your needs. The energy saver trees also are cool to the touch so you won’t have to worry about young children touching them and burning their fingers.


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