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The Boxing Day Tradition

Updated on December 17, 2008
Boxing Day Tradition: Sales!
Boxing Day Tradition: Sales!

The Origin of Boxing Day

The Boxing Day Origin has many theoretical evolutions, most of them centering around the giving of gifts to the lower class.  A form of thanks for serving the higher class on the Christmas Holiday.

In older times, it was said that servants would bring boxes to work with them on the next working day for their lords to put coins in.

As well it has been said that peasants received boxes by their employers on boxing day to be smashed open with presents inside. 

When is the Boxing Day Tradition Held?

December 26th is the holidays generally accepted date.  Most countries that celelbrate boxing day actually hold the celebration on the next working day after christmas though. 

Where is Boxing Day Celebrated?

The Boxing Day Tradition is celebrated in Canada, New Zealand, U.K., Australia, Greece, as well as many others.  I'm pretty sure there is a boxing day in Uganda and Africa.

Please leave me feedback in the comment section below with more countries that celebrate the Boxing Day tradition. 

Why do you get in the water on boxing day anyway?

I'm not really sure, but it seems a tradition of some european countries, along with eating mince pies and turkey sandwiches. 

Why Do Canadians Celebrate Boxing Day?

The same reason everyone else does, Great Deals!  Seriously though, canadians love boxing day.  In fact, they make it a whole week.  "Boxing Week" sales are very popular in Canada. 

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Boxing Day Shopping Online

Pretty much the greatest tradition of Boxing Day in this futuristic age, is the Boxing Week Shopping Sales!

So how about boxing week online?  Is there a difference in price?  Of course there is!  Retailers from around the world seize the opportunity of the Boxing Day tradition for media exposure and traditionally lower their prices.

Check out some of the deals on Ebay and Amazon - maybe you'll find a Boxing Day Special! :) 

The Boxing Day Tradition on Amazon!


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