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Bride on a Budget: Inexpensive Flower Arrangements

Updated on August 11, 2009

Obtaining the Flowers

If you aren't in the market for elaborate and expensive flower arrangements provided by your local florists, there are several steps you can take to save money in this area. Some brides spend thousands of dollars on flowers, but you can have gorgeous flowers for only a few hundred.

  1. First think about the budget and the types of flowers you can get easily and inexpensively. Sams and Costco sell two dozen roses for a fraction of what one would pay at the florist. Check with them to see if they can special order. They could when the author of this hub page was married. If you aren't opposed, choose a color scheme that goes nicely with white, yellow, red, or pink roses/carnations since these are plentiful colors one can usually count on being able to buy in bulk.
  2. Research the price for obtaining a business license that would allow you to buy flowers wholesale from a wholesale flower shop.
  3. Locate a friend with a wholesale florist license.
  4. Order flowers online.
  5. Order less expensive flowers from a florist.
  6. Decorate with more greenery and filler and less actual flowers.
  7. Check out flower farms in your area who let you pick your own flowers.
  8. Advertise in the paper and offer to pay someone to let you pick their flowers on the day. Often people have yards full of hydrangeas if you can predict they'll be in bloom during the week of your wedding. This is risky though.


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