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Bulgaria Holiday Deals: Perfect Holiday Option

Updated on October 6, 2012

Bulgaria is one of the most overlooked holiday destinations for travelers worldwide. The cities of Bulgaria developed cultural history of Oriental and Western European-influenced areas, mostly after the Second World War and were subjected to greater modernization. However, many places in the Rhodope Mountains retained for much of their oriental character. The urbanization took place quickly after the Second World War, caused by rural exodus and migration of war refugees, the so-called Thracian and Macedonian Bulgarians.

The highest peaks of the Balkan Mountains are the mountain Botev (2376 m) and the Chumerna (1536 m).The Danube Plain is located in the north of the Balkan Mountains. In it, lie the cities of Pleven, Razgrad, Rousse and Shumen and Varna on the Black Sea. In the middle basin Bulgarian Burgas, you can find. This level is in the west and south through the Rhodope Mountains and the mountains Sakar and beach damage is limited in the south. The highest peak of the Rhodope Mountain is the Großer Perelik (2,191 m). In the southwest of the country two other high mountains with peaks between 2000 and 3000 m altitude are found with the Rila - and the Pirin Mountains; the mountain Musala (2,925 m) is the highest of the entire Balkan Peninsula. There are many people who are booking the Bulgaria holiday deals to spend their vacation.

The big cities play the roles of administrative centers of the state, like the metropolis of Bulgaria Sofia, and the government seat of several municipalities and one district Plovdiv plays a central role in the functional and administrative ways. These are few of the must visit places that should be covered in the Bulgaria holiday deals. Further still, Varna and Burgas function as the administrative centers of the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. The focus, therefore, is on the media and services company and the cultural institutions of the country. Because of its relatively developed infrastructure, they also have the highest importance for regional transport and trade and show the dynamic economic development.


Burgas is a city in Bulgaria which is located in Southern Black Sea Coast. This city was not s developed in the ancient days but, now it has been quite developed and that is why it has become one of the most beautiful tourist places in Bulgaria. Most of the holiday makers include this place in their Bulgaria holiday deals. This is one of the most booming industrial centers in Bulgaria and tourist place too. There are several things in Burgas that should not be missed out in the Bulgaria holidays deals. So, everybody should check their Bulgaria holidays deals thoroughly before going for that. There are number of lakes in this city and that is why the climate is very nice. The weather of Burgas is cool winters, mild autumn, and breezy summer. That is the reason why most of the tourists like to add Burgas in their Bulgaria holiday deals. There are some historical places too in Burga and these are attractions of many tourists.


The city is located on the northern slope of the 2290 m high Vitosha Mountain, the popular destination of the Sofia in Bulgaria holiday deals is one and dominates the scenery around the city. The basic shape of the Vitosha Mountain is nearly circular with a diameter of about 15 km. In the west the town borders to the Lyulin - and lots of mountains. Sofia is located in the continental climate zone and that is why it is easily accessible by bus train and plane. So, you do not need to think about the connectivity in the Bulgaria holiday deals. The average annual temperature is 9.7 degrees Celsius and the annual rainfall is 572 millimeters on average. The warmest months are July and August with an average of 19.4 to 20.0 degrees Celsius and the driest January and February with 27 to 33 mm of precipitation on average. The largest amount of rainfall occurs in May and June, when it grows by an average of 73 to 75 millimeters. The coldest month is January to -1.6 degrees Celsius on average.


Plovdiv comes after Sofia in terms of size. This city is bit smaller than Sofia. This is amongst the oldest cities in the entire Europe. There are many places to visit in Plovdiv in the Bulgaria holiday deals. So, it is better to opt for an all inclusive holiday packages to Bulgaria. If you book this kind of Bulgaria holiday deals, you do not need to think about your holiday as everything will be planned by the holiday makers. These holiday packages are convenient too. Plovdiv city is located in the plains in Rhodope Mountains in southern part of Bulgaria and the Balkan range. Plovdiv is basically an historic place. There are some statues of ancient empires and some other historic evidences that can help us to know the history of Bulgaria traced back around 8000 years. Plovdiv is a great tourist destination itself and this is the gateway of many other places of Bulgaria that are must visit places in the Bulgaria holiday deals. This place is well connected via rail, plane and bus from Sofia and other cities of Bulgaria.


If you want to spend some days in a smooth pace of life, then you should include Gabrovo in your Bulgaria holiday deals. There are some holiday makers who do not include this place in their tour plan. So, ask them to add this place in your Bulgaria holiday deals if you are choosing a customized Bulgaria holidays deals. This is mainly a village but you will surely like the welcome and love of the good natured citizens of this place. There is no hurry of busy cities in Gabrovo. So, if you want to stay far away from the business of the big cities, you can surely spend some days in Gabrovo.


This place is also known as “Small Vienna”. The city is mainly an architectural evidence of Bulgaria. There are various places of interests in Rousse that should not be missed in Bulgaria holiday deals like The Theatre, The House of Caliopa etc.


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