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Black Christmas Ornaments

Updated on November 22, 2015
Black Christmas Ornaments
Black Christmas Ornaments | Source

Try Black Christmas Ornaments on Your Christmas Tree

When I first mentioned hanging black Christmas ornaments on the tree most people's reactions are - 'black?' and they look at me to see if I'm being serious. Other people think cool and envisage a Gothic style Christmas tree. Black Christmas ornaments can actually be a great addition to your Christmas d├ęcor as I'm about to show you.

Have You Even Hung Black Christmas Ornaments on Your Tree?

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All Blacks Christmas Ornament
All Blacks Christmas Ornament | Source

Black Christmas Ornaments Are Great!

Black Christmas ornaments don't have to be gothic, they can be a number of things. We have a couple of different black Christmas ornaments that are put on our tree every year......well one has been a fixture for a number of years the other set of four joined our Christmas tree last year for the first time.

I married a rugby playing Kiwi so the first black Christmas ornament I brought actually also contained bits of white as well - it was an All Black Santa! I love unique Christmas ornaments and so when I spotted it I just had to buy it for my hubby and it was greatly appreciated.

Our second type of black Christmas ornaments were sent to us by my hubby's sister and was a set of four All Black ornaments, basically black Christmas balls with the silver fern on them (as pictured).

These two personal examples from my own tree are far from Gothic ornaments, in fact they're celebrating our heritage and our loves and there are other black Christmas ornaments that also do that.

Black shoes, black handbags, black cameras and black horses are all examples of black Christmas ornaments which can have a special meaning for different members of your family and as such really add to a family Christmas tree.

Themed Christmas Trees - Using Black Christmas Ornaments

Black is a very versatile color which is why we all have a little black dress or a pair of black trousers to wear. It can also be a versatile color when you want a themed Christmas tree.

Black and silver is a great color combination for a Christmas tree and this can be achieved in a number of ways -

  • A black Christmas tree with silver Christmas ornaments.
  • A silver Christmas tree with black Christmas ornaments
  • A 'normal' Christmas tree with a mixture of black and silver ornaments on it.

Black and silver is quite a glam color combination so the effects can be really quite stunning and not only can you have a color theme you could also turn it into another type of theme such as classic movies and add a few Hollywood inspired Christmas ornaments as well.

The clapper board or director's board Christmas ornament is a great idea for a Hollywood themed tree, but it's not the only type of ornament you can add. Consider adding the Hollywood sign, cameras, director chairs or even ornaments celebrating your favorite movie star (Marilyn Monroe, as an example, has a range of Christmas ornaments to choose from)

I would also add red tinsel to represent the red carpet, but if you want to stick to a strictly black and silver theme you probably don't want to do that!

Black and white is another classic color combination and you could decorate a themed black and white Christmas tree in a number of ways (like above) such as -

  • A black Christmas tree with white Chrismtas ornaments
  • A white Christmas tree with black Christmas ornaments
  • A 'normal' Christmas tree with black and white Christmas ornaments

You could also take this theme another step further if you're a fan of black and white movies (as above) or vintage television. Add a couple of old looking television ornaments to the tree or television stars of old.

Amusements Retro Television Set with Dancing Penguins Scene Christmas Ornament
Amusements Retro Television Set with Dancing Penguins Scene Christmas Ornament

There are lots of different types of retro television Christmas ornaments available like this one featured here. The other thing you could do is add ornaments to celebrate your favorite television stars or programs.

If you're a fan of I Love Lucy you'll know that there are lots of Christmas ornaments available to celebrate this show, more modern programs also have lots of ornaments available such as Downton Abbey, Doctor Who or Game of Thrones.


Black and gold is another great color theme for a Christmas tree and can look very sophisticated.

Yet another color combination that incorporates black is the black and red Christmas tree theme, personally I think black and red look better when you also add white into the mix.

The different color combinations that you can achieve with black for your Christmas tree really does seem to be endless.

What's Wrong With a Gothic Christmas Tree?

Then again you could have a Gothic themed Christmas tree with black Christmas ornaments - after all is there anything wrong with that?

Basically you can incorporate black Christmas ornaments in so many totally different ways I cannot believe that more people do not add a touch of black to their Christmas trees.

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    • jacqui2011 profile image


      7 years ago from Norfolk, UK

      Good information. I have a black tree with silver ornaments. It looks stunning at Christmas.


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