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Buy Valentines day gifts - heart shaped pendants earrings and rings

Updated on June 1, 2011

Choosing a valentine's day gift for her

Valentines day is a special day of love. A day to celebrate your love for her. Valentine's day is a day of giving, giving a gift for the greatest gift of your life. Your gift should make her feel loved, valued and special - don't you think so?

Are you wondering what should you should give your sweet heart on Valentine’s day? Are you bored of giving the same gifts year after year? Do you want to make this year special?

Yes flowers and chocolates are good, most women love them but they do not show the the trouble you took to appreciate her for all that she is to you.

Valentines Gifts for her

Here are some Valentines day’s gifts that would delight the love of your life and keep her admiring your gifts. Candies and flowers will be gone and forgotten so get her some gifts this valentine’s day which will not allow her to forget you or the gift you give in a long time to come.

Pendants and lockets for Vday

Women’s love for jewellery is legendary; it has never waned or never will.

Women appreciate and admire intricate and beautiful designed jewelery. A good piece of jewelery will be a treasure that she will hold close to her heart and it also has the potential to become a family heirloom.

These unique gifts will speak eloquently of your love for her and pledge undying love forever.

Heart shaped pendants

Heart shaped pendants in blazing colors of love, will lie close to her heart and speak to her of your love.

Pendants are easy to buy because you need not know the size and cannot go too wrong with them. These are not only great fashion accessories, but something that your woman would want to flaunt it around for some time to come.

Heart shaped pendants make great gifts of love especially on anniversaries, valentines days and other great days when you want to tell her that you love her.

Heart shaped earrings - the best gift for her

Heart shapes earrings are another great choice of gifts for valentine’s day. Get them in reds, pinks, wines, purples and amber to let her of your love. Warm colors tell of your passion and love.

Earrings are great fashion accessories too and women love to wear them.These again do not require you to know the size or other details and if you are still ambiguous about making a commitment to her these will be a safe bet.

They whisper your love to her all the time and make her feel close to you while wearing them.

You can choose ear studs or dangles or hoops, based on her likes. If you frequently find her wearing hoops or studs make sure you go for it , that way you cannot be wrong.

Dangles earrings are elegant and look ethereal. Make sure that the size you buy suits the size of her face and compliment her looks.

Heart Shaped Rings

Rings are a sign of endless love. Rings are all time favorites for lovers.

If your intentions are clear and you want her to get your message, give her the gift of a heart shaped ring this valentine’s day. This gift will speak of the high regard and value that you hold her in.

If you have gone this far you would know which size to buy the ring in, if you are not so sure here is a tip.

Admire her jewelery and she will want to show off, pick a ring from her collection and ask her for a drink and quickly pocket the ring and get the size on a cable tag that you can keep in your pocket.

Playfully make her wear a ring made of grass or weed and transfer the size to cable tags and your work is done.

Rings are a sign of commitment and never ending love. Rings tell, her that you are serious about her and value her.

Whatever you choose, make sure that you package it with love and beautiful words to tell her, what she means to you. However expensive your gift, if they are not packaged with love they will hold no value.

So here is wishing you a wonderful and happy Valentines day, a day that you will cherish forever. May your love be as good as gold forever!!


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    • Marktech profile image

      Marktech 6 years ago

      very sexy!

    • sofs profile image

      sofs 7 years ago

      Don't rush to conclusions there is time yet for Valentines day.. may be someone will soon find your heart as lovely as these creations and decide to give you one... why not get yourself a cute little one.. and it would really be a Happy Valentines day. Thank you for the visit and I do hope you find your sweetheart soon !! Best Wishes to YOU!!

    • Rosie2010 profile image

      Rosie Rose 7 years ago from Toronto, Canada

      Hiya sofs, aww these hearts are so beautiful. I love them all. I wish someone would give me one this on Valentine's Day.. no chance for that. lol

      Happy Valentine's Day,