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Buy a String of White Christmas Lights Online

Updated on December 3, 2012

Buy a string of white Christmas lights from the comfort of your own home. No more trailing round busy shops trying to guess if the length you are buying is sufficient for your needs. Take a tape measure and accurately judge your distances, so that your new lights will look perfect wherever you decide to hang them.

White Christmas lights make a very attractive theme no matter where you decorate. Both indoors and out, they look fantastic.

They glow in your garden, reminding you of the snow of a traditional Christmas. This could be especially important if you live in an area where snow never falls.

Indoors, white Christmas bulbs look beautiful when glowing with colored decorations, as they tend to reflect the colors of the rainbow from their surroundings when looked at under low lighting conditions.

Buy your white Christmas lights early this year so that you can be assured of buying the best display before supplies run out.

Tree decorated with white Christmas lights
Tree decorated with white Christmas lights

Each string of 24' contains 40 bulbs in the Led Christmas Light White 70 Count 6C Shape Green Wire.

The light strings come with end connectors to join several strings together.

With beautiful cone or strawberry shaped glass domes, these white Christmas lights are suitable for both indoor and out.

white Christmas lights on a white Christmas tree
white Christmas lights on a white Christmas tree

The G P Ltd. DBX02-300002 Christmas Icicle Lights, Set of 300 is actually two light sets of 150 bulbs each that are joined together with end connectors.

They can easily be joined with more sets should you wish you have a really long length of lighting to go round gutters or roof edges on houses, for example.

Each set is 17' long with 27 icicle drops per set.

Can be used indoors or outdoors.

TheĀ Of 200 Multi-Color Christmas Icicle Lights By GE - White Wire are actually colored bulbs.

Each string contains 200 bulbs in red, purple, amber, green and blue.

They give a beautiful effect when laid on a house as you can see in the photograph.

white christmas lights
white christmas lights


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