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Calendar Your Holiday Meals: Who Gets Halloween?

Updated on November 14, 2011

Our daughter recently got married. This will be her first Thanksgiving with her new husband. Wonderful, yes! Not so sure about that yet. We are now faced with a dilemma that every family eventually faces - how to calendar holiday meals.

When the kids first got engaged we handled the situation pretty well. We took our future son-in-law to meet our family for Thanksgiving and we met his family over Christmas.

Things just got very complicated. Now, our daughter and her husband live in an area with several others from his family. His parents are up North. Our family is down South. Our son is in college in the middle.

As it turns our, this year will be our first without our children at all. My daughter and her husband have agreed to have Thanksgiving dinner with his Grandmother. Our son is stuck at school because he has to work. It's going to be so strange without them.

Eventhough we're on our own for Thanksgiving, we haven't even approached the idea of Christmas yet. I think the smartest thing to do in situations like these is to just let things happen as they may. Fortunately, my husband and I are very flexible when it comes to the lives of our children.

However, I was thinking of playing it safe and surrendering Thanksgiving and Christmas for Halloween. I thought that no one else would think to have a family gathering on that holiday, but our daughter announced this week that she is pregnant! Now we have to figure out who gets to pick the costume and take the baby Trick-or Treating. Oh well, maybe I should just make up my own holiday.

Let the merriment begin. Happy Holidays everyone!

How does your family handle scheduling holiday meals?

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