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Staircase to the moon - Stairway to Heaven Broome Dates- 2012

Updated on April 3, 2012

Your Goals for 2012 -stairway to heaven broome 2012

Wow - Can you believe it is now 2012 ! Another year to make plans for before it slips away !

How will you spend your year of 2012 ? Will you fullfill your hopes and dreams this year ?

Have you set out goals you wish to accomplish or will you waste the year away watching the same old tv programs wishing & hoping your life could be better yet not doing anything to make that dream come true ?

Come on ....Why not make 2012 the year to make it happen whatever your dream may be ?

If you are wanting to see the Stairway to Heaven in Broome or another town now is the time to book !

Do you long to travel interstate or to an overseas exotic location? Do you long to start your own business - buy a car of your dreams - lose weight - learn a new skill that you have always wanted to do?

Go for it in 2012 ! You have nothing to lose and everything to gainthis year !

If you are busy working most of the time then at least make the most of holidays that you have in 2012 to do what is needed for your dream to make it a reality !

Most people have at least 4 weeks holiday a year to either go away on holiday or spend time at home so why not use them to your advantage this year ?

Staircase to Moon Broome 2012


9th 6.40pm

10th 7.27pm

11th 8.17pm


7th 6.04pm*

8th 6.57pm*

9th 7.54pm


7th 6.35pm*

8th 7.38pm*

9th 8.40pm




































* Dates marked with an asterix indicate that the Staircase Markets are on (market dates are subject to change).

2012 New Year - How will you live it ?

Fireworks light up for the start of the year
Fireworks light up for the start of the year

Broome Staircase to the moon

Visit Broome to see the Staircase to the moon
Visit Broome to see the Staircase to the moon

Staircase to the moon

There are other places where you can see the Staircase to the moon like Onslow , Cossack & Port Hedland.

Check the local visitor centers for the times at each town. We saw it in Onslow while there recently.

Ideas to help you

Maybe you are hoping to and know you would like to try some thing new in 2012 but are unsure what to do or even if you should go ahead with your ideas and dreams .

Here are some ideas , of course it will depend on where you are in the world as to which ones will suit you !

1. Learn a new sport - water sport like snorkeling or surfing, swimming ,kite surfing

Maybe join a group locally that plays tennis, netball ,cricket or football even cycling around your neighborhood making new friends , getting fresh air and exercise as you go.

2. Learn a musical instrument if there is someone that can help you.

3. Do a course that interests you - First Aid is always handy & they have courses that children can join in on as well if you want to acomplish something as a family.

4. Take up photography , there are books in the library that can help you to learn as well as hands on group courses to participate in.

5. Start earning online with Kooday and earn every week from profit share ,or something that interests you.

6. Join us on hubpages if you enjoy writing and sharing topics you enjoy

7. Read self improvement books or a biography instead of a novel for a change rather than a make believe story.

8. Smile more and see how it improves your day and that of others you meet as you go throughout the day !

9. Be content with your life , Laugh and smile more with your family every day !

10.Take up fishing/ gardening for fresh cheaper food and the satisfaction that comes with catching / growing it brings !

11.Do some volunteer work with a group that interests you even if it is only for a few hours during the week .

12. Plan a holiday / vacation & join Resorts360 for great savings on your holidays/ cruises etc

Celebrate Achievements together

Whatever you do take time out with your family & Be happy !
Whatever you do take time out with your family & Be happy !
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