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Cancelled Due To Coronavirus (Covid-19)

Updated on May 11, 2020

It's no secret, we all have the same issue and dilemma in the coming summer months and beyond, that is, what to do about planned events, reunions, family gatherings, theme parks, sporting events etc.

The virus is still out there and spreading between people. Luckily, it is not just "in the air" floating around like an invisible infection unless it is from a person within six feet. Since few know who has or has not been infected, the lurking danger is there-always.

Taking the precautions of wearing a mask and social distancing is about all one can do to try to stay safe from strangers and loved ones. But, even that may not be enough- you just don't know.

Like many, I planned for my loved ones to travel from afar to my location for a family reunion of sorts, go to the theme parks, do some snorkeling, and hang out at the beaches. However, some members are cancelling their flight plans out of fear regarding the safety within airline cabins and enclosed space, despite the cabin air being replaced every few minutes. Wearing a mask during the flight and wiping surfaces does not appeal to them to stay safe when an airline ticket is $500. If the air in the cabin is replaced that often, there is a chance that between intervals, the virus might spread within the cabin and someone is coughing etc. There are just so many precautions one can take. In the end, maybe it is best just to avoid it this time. That was their logic. But still....

Then there is summer camp. My daughter just got a job as camp counselor for a shortened season of July and some of August. The same sort of issues remain about camps and how safe will everyone be while there in groups most of the time, even when sleeping in cabins. Seems like it is just as bad as being trapped in a confined space on a flight but she does not think so!

So, in the end, my daughter cancelled her annual trip to visit Dad. That leaves my son and his family. They remain undecided because their kids want to go to theme parks and then visit. Problem is, the theme parks are still closed and Disney is hinting that if they reopen it will be a reduced capacity, social distancing while waiting for rides ( translation: super long waits and lines!), temperature checks, wearing masks, and maybe limits on eating food there or none at all. Oh, let's not forget disinfection between rides (translation: even longer delays in rides) and in the restrooms, which are gross in good times. So, will it even be worth it to pay $100+ per person to go?

Since the attraction is to go to theme parks, if they do not open or with limitations, even this part of the reunion is in jeopardy. Just because attractions are open does not mean it will be fun or wise to go. Now, going to the beaches is fine, so at least that seems like a safe bet assuming they do not close the parking lots again due to overcrowding.

There is the suggestion that maybe just postpone until fall or winter, the weather in Florida is still fine. However, then school and colleges are back in session putting a BIG stoppage until Christmas holidays. But, experts state that the virus will still be around even then.

What to do? Just do it and take chances? Just cancel and hope for a better time? Time grows shorter and decisions need to be made. Everything had be planned for a great reunion this summer, then, the virus struck.



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