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Candy Corn-Around the world 4.25 times

Updated on October 19, 2011
One Sweet Sun
One Sweet Sun

It contains over one and a half grams of sugar per fingernail-sized piece and Americans eat enough to circle the Earth over four times every year. Of course it's candy corn. That delectable sugar bomb always rears its head as the leaves begin to fall. Along with Cadbury Creme Eggs it is the death wish of sugary candies. No matter how much you know it will hurt, you always come back for more.

Despite a propensity to create an upset stomach and rot your teeth, it is the most popular candy to disperse among Halloween trick-or-treaters. Candy corn is so entrenched in Halloween tradition that October 30 is recognized as National Candy Corn Day. As crazy as it sounds to have a National Candy Corn Day, remember that Americans eat enough to circle the planet over four times!

The Jelly Belly company (formerly the Goelitz candy company) started making candy corn over one hundred years ago. Surprisingly the ingredients have not changed much. Sugar, sugar, and more sugar with some real honey thrown in. Formerly made by hand, the process is now automated to keep up with the insatiable demand Americans have for candy corn.

Below is a two minute History Channel video on how candy corn is made.

Warning: like all "how it's made" food videos, you may never eat candy corn again.

Making candy corn by hand was so time consuming that the treats were only available from March through November. As we can see, that isn't a problem anymore. Love 'em or hate 'em, those tri-colored sugar snacks have been around for a century and will probably hang around for another hundred years.

In case you weren't bitten by the math bug yet in order to find out how many candy corns it takes to travel around Earth 4.25 times (a fact stated by the back of my Brach's bag of candy corns) the work has been done for you. Americans would have to eat roughly 6,700,000,000 candy corns to do it. That equates to about 21 candy corns per American. Guess I only have 16 left to go.


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