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Cat-Approved Gifts for Cat Lovers

Updated on June 3, 2012
Sophie the Cat, guest writer
Sophie the Cat, guest writer
One of four Furminators designed for cats
One of four Furminators designed for cats | Source

Awesome Cat Art

Cat art by Louis Wain
Cat art by Louis Wain | Source

Consult With a Cat

When choosing a gift for a cat lover, it's best to consult with a cat. Here are five top gifts from one typing cat's perspective.

1. The Furminator: It's No Ordinary Cat Comb

As a long-haired cat, I'm a great fan of the Furminator cat comb. When my caretaker uses the Furminator, she collects a surprising amount of fur with each stroke. This saves me a lot of work, reduces unsightly shedding (supposedly by up to 90%) and helps prevent hairballs. We often joke that she collects enough fur to create a whole new kitten.

Furminators for cats and dogs are described in-depth and sold at You can also use the website to find retailers. Here's a tip though: These grooming tools usually sell for less on Amazon.

2. Cat Art

Most humans are charmed by some variety of cat art. Be thankful that legions of cat lovers have made high quality cat art abundant. Here are several cheap and not-so-cheap options.

  • Give the Chairman Meow poster. Regardless of your political leanings, you'll probably appreciate the Chairman Meow poster. What better to hang above the food bowl? The Chairman Meow image is also available on T-shirts, tote bags, iPhone cases and other communist cat propaganda.
  • Frame cat images from a publication. Buy a book, calendar or postcard set that features cat art. Some excellent featured artists to look for are Louis Wain and Eugen Hartung. Photographs of ancient Egyptian cat art can also be attractive.
  • Buy an original cat painting at Etsy. You'll get a one-of-a-kind gift directly from the artist.
  • Frame a print from If you type in "cats & kittens," you'll see plenty of options categorized by genre. I like the art deco "Springtime Felines" by Edward Penfield.
  • Make personalized cat art. Plenty of companies will print your cat photos onto canvas, mousepads, clothing, ceramic and other surfaces to make personalized gifts. Here are some websites to get you started:, VistaPrint and

3. A Drinking Fountain for Cats

Cat drinking fountains circulate water and keep it clean. Being a cat, I'm naturally drawn to the constant trickle of water. It reminds me of a forest brook. Caretakers like my fountain because it requires less maintenance than refilling my bowl every day.

Add Personality to a Cat Drinking Fountain Gift

You can personalize a cat fountain gift with waterproof stickers such as those made for cars. Use pirate kitten stickers, Grateful Dead stickers, NFL team decals or whatever else would please the recipient.

4. A Cat Post & Perch

Every cat enjoys carpeted cat perches or jungle gyms. Unfortunately, these are expensive items despite being made of simple boards and carpeting. If you build or purchase cat furniture for your friend, you will attain superstar status!

Where to Buy Cat Condos

Some especially beautiful cat furniture is offered at However, the big websites Petco, and Amazon sell the most cat furniture.

How to Build Cat Furniture

This video shows how to build a cat tree. It's medium-sized with two beds and a tunnel.

5. A Basket of Fun

Create a cat-themed gift basket. Include items for cats and a little gift for the human.

Some basic items to include in your gift basket:

  • Cat treats (go for organic snacks)
  • Wheatgrass seeds and possibly a pot
  • Cat toys (peacock feathers are among my favorites)
  • Catnip (please?)
  • A pet hair tape remover
  • A pet towel (this can line the gift basket)

Tip: If you give a large enough basket, cats can re-use it as a cozy bed.

Thanks for stopping by! ~ Sophie the Cat


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