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Enjoy & Celebrate Boxing Day In Australia

Updated on December 27, 2015

Boxing Day in Australia celebrate Today

Christmas days in December are one such holiday the entire world looks forward to celebrating and enjoying to the heart's content.

Boxing Day in Australia will celebrate on 26th December, the day after Christmas is no different, especially this year with a replacement, additional holiday the following Monday, the 28th thrown in for good measure.

Boxing Day has been marked as a day for the employers to show their gratitude to the working class of servants and the likes who have loyally served and contributed to their progress with gifts given in 'boxes'. This age-old tradition is celebrated across the world in most countries and is typically a holiday for everyone, without exception.


Holiday Spirit is Infectious

In Australia, it also marks the first day of Test Cricket that people throng to witness in hordes. The 1000 km Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race on the D day is a grand spectacle with competitors from across the world showcasing their yachts and their navigation skills to compete in one of the toughest Yacht races ever held. Boxing Day Sales is another major event that provides enthusiastic shoppers with an excuse to eagerly throng the stores for special deals.

NRIs join in the festivities with gusto amidst plenty of food, shopping, yacht races, and BBQ at homes. The holiday spirit is infectious and with work relegated to the background for the blissful four days, the need to connect with family and friends is foremost. No matter the place one lives in, the heart always craves the warmth of home or at least the reminiscence of home.


Holidays go..

An extended weekend gives the nostalgic NRIs in Australia enough and more time to enjoy the outdoor activities as well as cozy up on the couch catching up on Live TV and binge watch missed episodes of the most popular shows on Indian Television. It is also the perfect opportunity to finally catch up on those Hindi Movies that have been piling up on their 'Must Watch' list. NRIs can feel Indian through Live TV favourite episodes. As it is difficult to find out known people in far country though TV is the best solution.

As holidays go, the spirit of Christmas is of bonding with those around us. After the daytime spent outside enjoying the roars of the crowd in a cricket match or barbecuing with friends and family on the front lawn, surrounded by boisterous kids, the evenings are perfect for putting one's feet up to watch your quota of dramatic TV Shows or romantic comedies that are the latest trend in Hindi Movies.


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