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Ideas For Cheap Christmas Party Decorations

Updated on March 21, 2011

Holiday time is upon us and perhaps you've decided to throw a simple party for a few friends or you need to make something for your co-workers for the Christmas party. What you need are simple cheap Christmas party decorations. A few ideas for cheap Christmas party decorations are a miniature tree, a candy dish, Christmas card holder or Christmas stockings. All of these items are easily found at your local craft store or retail store.

Before you take your cheap Christmas party decorations to your office or display them in your home, remove the price tag. A miniature tree can be a lot of fun to decorate and it can be given away at a Christmas party as a gift. Decorate the tree with miniature ornaments easily found at craft stores. If you decide to add miniature lights, put them on the tree before adding the miniature ornaments. Choose miniature lights that have a short cord length and are made for miniature trees. Cute miniature ornaments available include tiny presents, miniature garlands, glass balls, tiny mirrors, little glass candies and other assorted ornaments.

A candy dish for the holidays is a cheap party decoration and can be given away at the end of a party. There are many cute candy dishes available at dollar stores and retail stores everywhere. The styles available include little Santas, reindeer, round peppermint candies and pretty crystal dishes. Fill your candy dishes with a variety of candies or a few holiday specifics like miniature chocolate Santas and ribbon candy.

Plain red Christmas stockings with white fluffy trim are an inexpensive party decoration for your home or office. Make the stockings unique by adding people's names on the front of the stocking with glitter glue. Fill the stockings with bulk Christmas candy for a simple and fun gift.

Another simple and cheap Christmas party decoration is a Christmas card holder. To make this you will need a large cork board, ribbon, a few yards of your favorite holiday material or plain white fabric, cute thumb tacks and tacky glue. Begin the project by clearing a large work surface on a table. Place the fabric on the table with the back of the material facing up. Place the corkboard in the center of the material and pull the material tightly around the corkboard. Trim excess fabric and use tacks to hold the fabric while you glue the edges down. Allow to dry completely before you begin adding the ribbon.

Attach the ribbon in a wide criss-cross design. One of the easiest ways to accomplish this is to wind the ribbon diagonally across the board in one direction and secure in place with the tacks. Cut the ribbon and begin again crossing in the opposite direction and securing with tacks. The finished design should be symmetrical, with all of the spaces equal. Place a tack at each cross section of the ribbon. Use this cute and cheap Christmas party decoration to display the cards you receive from your guests at your holiday get together.


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    • kephrira profile image

      kephrira 7 years ago from Birmingham

      Some great ideas, thanks.