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Cheap, But Still Great, Father's Day 2019 Gift Ideas Under $20

Updated on May 4, 2019

Are you on a budget? Looking for cheap Father's Day gift ideas?

If you answered yes to both questions, then this hub is definitely for you. In this hub, you will be able to see several great possible gift ideas to give to your Father for Father's Day.

All of these gifts are very cheap and affordable. They're also easily acquired through online shopping at so if you also lack time to go out and shop, then this should make things easier for you.

Do you think your dad is like a superhero? Is he a fan of superheroes? If so, then this card is perfect for him

2'x3' Giant Superhero Father's Day card with envelope
2'x3' Giant Superhero Father's Day card with envelope

Worried about your Father's Day gift choices because they're cheap?

Are you fretting and thinking that any gift you could possibly give to your Dad wouldn't be enough because they would all be cheap and inexpensive? Do you think that your Dad wouldn't like the gift because of its low price? There's no need to worry.

Remember that, just because a gift is not expensive doesn't mean it isn't special and meaningful. You can give your Father any gift and it doesn't matter what it is or how expensive or cheap it is.

What really matters is the thought behind the gift and how sincere you are in deciding to give your Dad a Father's Day present. He will surely appreciate and cherish whatever it is you give to him regardless of its price tag.

What your Dad would be looking at is how you went out of your way to give him a gift and tell him how much you love and care about him. So, don't feel bad if your Father's Day gift would be considered as cheap and low-priced. That doesn't mean you love your Dad any less.

VictoryStore Jumbo Greeting Cards: Giant Father's Day Card with Envelope, Super Dad Design, 2 feet X 3 feet
VictoryStore Jumbo Greeting Cards: Giant Father's Day Card with Envelope, Super Dad Design, 2 feet X 3 feet
Give your dad a card with a personalized, heartfelt message. You don't need to write him a poem or something. Even something as simple as "I love you" can go a long way and already means so much. Remember that 'cheap' doesn't mean 'not special'. What matters is not the price of your present, but the fact that you took the time to get your beloved dad something for Father's Day. What matters is that you let him know that you didn't forget him and that you care about him.

Giving a cheap gift doesn't mean it's any less special or great

Just because your gift is cheap, don't think that it's somehow any less special and great than giving an expensive gift. Cheap gifts also don't mean that they're of low quality or that they don't look nice at all.

Take a look at the Amazon products you see here. They're all perfect as Father's Day gifts and all of them look supremely wonderful and amazing.

But note their respective prices and you'll see that, though the items look grand and fabulous, they don't cost a fortune. On the contrary, they're all highly affordable so check them out.

Which of these gifts will you give to your Dad for Father's Day?

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1. Father's Day Cards

This is a splendid choice for a Father's Day gift, which isn't all that expensive at all as you can see from the Amazon items featured below.

Cards are great gift choices. They can be given on any occasion because there are so many different cards that could be found and they all come in various themes, designs and styles.

Even the sizes of these cards can be different. In some cards, you have some space to write down something as an added note to the card's recipient. You should definitely take advantage of this space. Write down a heartfelt message to your Father.

Tell him how much you love him and care about him. If you want, you can even try writing him a poem even if it's just a short one. If you're feeling creative enough or if you have time to spare, you can opt to make your own Father's Day card.

Best dad of all time Hallmark Father'd Day card
Best dad of all time Hallmark Father'd Day card

This should be even cheaper for you especially if you already have the proper materials with which to make the card. Design and style the card in any way that you like.

Don't think that it may not be up to snuff. You made it especially for your Dad, so he will surely treasure it.

Of course, if you are too busy to make a card or you really don't feel artistic or creative enough, then there's no reason why you can't just choose a Father's Day card with which to give to your Father.

Let's take a closer look at the Hallmark Father's Day greeting card featured below:

Hallmark Father's Day Card (Removable Ribbon, Best Dad of All Time )
Hallmark Father's Day Card (Removable Ribbon, Best Dad of All Time )
The Hallmark Father's Day greeting card is available in a variety of different styles and designs. There's the Best Dad of All Time design, the Glad to Call You Dad style, and more. There's even a football theme for dads who love the sport. This card is only $4.95 (as of this writing), and it received a rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars. The cards include a short or long note inside. But you can still write your own on the sides if you want to include a more personal message for your dad.

Here are other cards which you can consider giving to your dad for Father's Day:

1. 2'x3' Giant Super Hero Father's Day Card, W/Envelope

This is a good choice for a card if your Dad loves superheroes.

More than that though, you can make use of this card to tell your papa that you view him as a hero and that you find him admirable and respectable and you're really grateful at how he always seems to be around to help you and save you.

The inside of the card has a very appropriate message relating to superheroes and fathers.

2. Happy Father's Day - 5" x 7" Father's Day Greeting Card

This one looks nice in its own way. The fish theme of this card is perfect for dads who love fishing.

The text on this card says: "You teach, you care, you're always there... you're you! I'm glad to call you dad"
The text on this card says: "You teach, you care, you're always there... you're you! I'm glad to call you dad"

With the picture of the fish on the card, this will be especially suitable if your Dad likes fishing. The inside of the card has these words: "It is a wise father that knows his own child".

3. Greeting Card Father's Day Garfield "It's Hard to Find a Card That Says Happy Father's Day...".

It's a pretty funny card, so you can opt for this if you want to inject some humor in your Father's Day gift. For fathers who like Garfield and/or something funny, this card is a good choice.

At the same time, there's no reason why you can't both be humorous and serious in the same card so you can still slip in a serious message to your Dad alongside the pretty funny words and the image of Garfield on the card.

2. Father's Day Shirts

Giving shirts as gifts is another brilliant idea especially if the shirt is specifically designed for a certain occasion, in this case Father's Day so we have Father's Day shirts.

These shirts are all wonderfully-designed with great captions that really show that it's all about your Dad this Father's Day. It's also a grand way of saying and showing just how much you love your Father or how highly it is that you think of him.

Your Dad would surely not object to receiving such a useful and practical gift. He can wear these shirts and it would serve as a reminder of your love for him. Best of all, these shirts are below $20 so they're very affordable.

Let's take a closer look at the Father's Day shirts from featured below:

The text on this shirt says: "Best dad. Hands down!"
The text on this shirt says: "Best dad. Hands down!"

The Hand-y Tees Best Dad Tee Keepsake Product, X-Large can definitely be classified as a unique shirt. Why? Well, first, do you see the handprints on the image of this shirt as shown here?

Know that those handprints aren't really what you'll be getting when you purchase this shirt. The reason for that is because this shirt actually comes with 3 non-toxic colors of handy art acrylic paint.

You're supposed to be the one to put your own handprints (or whoever else's handprints you'd like) on this 100% cotton t-shirt.

Don't worry, aside from getting a greeting card, there are also instructions that goes with this shirt. This certainly makes for a very special gift for your Dad.

Hand-y Tees World’s Best Dad T-Shirt, X-Large, White
Hand-y Tees World’s Best Dad T-Shirt, X-Large, White
Shirts aren't just cheap. They're also practical and useful. Every time your dad wears your present, he can be reminded of how much you care about him, how much you love him and how you remembered to give him something for Father's Day. Add your own handprint to this shirt before giving it to your father. If you've got siblings, you can all add your handprints to this shirt and then give it to your dad as a joint present.

Here's another shirt to consider giving to your dad as a gift for Father's Day:

1. This Is What a Really Cool Dad Looks Like Funny T-shirt (Medium, Navy Blue)

This shirt contains a very simple message but it certainly knows how to get its point across, managing to sound special and meaningful with only these few words.

This is definitely a fantastic shirt to give to your Dad to tell him how cool he is. Even the shirt color (navy blue) looks cool.

This shirt even comes in 6 different sizes so you'll surely find one that can fit your Father. The sizes are small, medium, large, x-large, xx-large, xxx-large.

3. Father's Day Mugs

Mugs may be deemed as too ordinary to be given as a gift but who's to say there isn't beauty in the simplicity of mugs?

Mugs are useful and practical to have because people can use them when they're drinking coffee or tea. They can even use it to put other kinds of beverages they want to.

The travel mugs are, of course, very much of use to those that frequently travel. The mugs that you see featured to the right are definitely perfect for your Dad since these mugs all have a Father's Day theme to them.

This is perfect for dads who love drinking tea or coffee
This is perfect for dads who love drinking tea or coffee

They're colorful and stylish and unique-looking. One of these mugs will surely be well-liked by your Father.

Let's take a closer look at the lovely-looking Best Dad Ever Mug from

This mug says "best dad ever" and that can appear to be simple but, in this case, it really works. The colors of this mug are vibrant and very much appealing. It even includes a printed gift box.

Best Dad Ever 13Oz Coffee Mug Great for Fathers Day or Birthday (1, Blue)
Best Dad Ever 13Oz Coffee Mug Great for Fathers Day or Birthday (1, Blue)
This mug simply says "Best dad ever", but that doesn't make it any less true. If you believe your dad is the best one ever and that you wouldn't change him for the world and that you really love him and care about him, then give him this mug. Sometimes, there are many things that you may want to say to your dad. If you can't find the words to say everything you want to say, then let this mug speak for you and convey everything you may not be able to put into words into one simple, but no less true or special, phrase.

Here are other mugs or cups you can think about giving to your dad as a Father's Day gift:

1. Mark My Words Dad Mug, 4-3/4-Inch, 17-Ounce Capacity

The words on this mug say, "Dads brighten our smiles, our hearts, our world". It's short but sweet and certainly sincere and heartfelt.

Eloquent? Yes. Special? Yes. Which basically makes this mug a perfect gift for Father's Day especially if your dad loves drinking tea or coffee

The mug's design and color has a certain elegance and charm to it that makes it look very classy.

3. Spoontiques Dad Travel Mug, Multi Colored

This travel mug looks simple but colorful. The message "the greatest gift I've ever had... I call him dad" is certainly powerful and heartwarming. This one is perfect for dads who love to travel or who travel often for various reasons.

Are you spending the day with your Dad for Father's Day?

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These are all amazing gift ideas for Father's Day that are all very cheap and affordable. Your Dad will surely love receiving any one of these gifts.

Show your Father how much you love him by giving him a Father's Day gift. It doesn't have to be expensive for the gift to be special.

Even these cheap gifts look absolutely grand and extraordinary. More than that, it's the thought that counts and the sincerity with which the gift is given.

Pic credits: The images are enlarged pics of the products from

© 2013 Ceres Schwarz


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