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Cheap Halloween Costume Guide

Updated on January 21, 2012
Halloween is a bliss! Wearing a $10 costume!
Halloween is a bliss! Wearing a $10 costume! | Source

Like New Year's Eve, but a whole lot better!!!

Halloween is my most precious day of the year. Halloween is a lot merrier than Christmas cheer. Pumpkins and witches and vampires... oh my! Halloween is more celebrated in my house than New Year’s Day.

In fact, originally it was Halloween which marked the beginning of a New Year. You see, according to Pagan belief (and Halloween is as Pagan as they come) you pass a threshold at Halloween midnight, where you leave the dead behind you.
According to the Library of Congress, pre-Christian ancient Celtic culture celebrated their New Years Day on November 1 and it was (is) called Samhain (or Sow-en) where they marked the end of the cropping season and the beginning of Winter.
For Celts, it was during Samhain where the souls of those who died during that year traveled to the other world. “So they lit bonfires in honor of the dead, to aid them on their journey, and to keep them away from the living.” (LOC).

It was indeed Christianity who created Halloween as we know it today, Halloween or Hallow’s Eve, instead of Samhain. The year was 601 ACE when Pope Gregory issued his famous edict ordering his missionaries to help out in their conversion. Yes, well, it translates into imposition and this is how it went. If a missionary found a group worshipping a tree, for example, they were not to cut the tree down (it implies they were cutting the trees before) but consecrate the tree to the Lord. Pope Gregory made successful strategic moves in order to spread Christianity. This basically forced Pagans to limit their Halloween to the night before Samhain, October 31st.

November 1st was now All Saint’s Day, by order of the Pope. But originally it is the very beginning of winter, and the Celtic celebration gives proper warning to the psyche in regards of the long winter ahead, so everyone would take heed and make provisions. Pumpkins were introduced into the mix by the Irish (Celtic descendants) in 1840, as they were settling in the United States.

Enough history!!! Let’s go shopping!

I am a cheap person. CHEAP and PROUD, so here’s the plan. I’m looking for a CHEAP custom... Define cheap? Cheap is no more than ten dollars. Let´s see how that goes...

So I go to Google and type what I want: “cheap Halloween costume”. I’m starting off with Zoogster offering a Woman Devil custom for $19.99. Not bad really, but way over budget. Moving on.

Just listing Party City as a citizen's duty... beware, they are not cheap. Ultimate Movie Costumes is pretty average, so I pass.

Now, Buy Costumes are my first choice. I just didn't clicked on them first to avoid just being sold on them, but they really have the best the market has to offer when it comes to this jolly time of the year. I found there a "Greed Sinner" adult costume for $9.99!!! In the money! Halloween Mart Jones Mama costume offered for exactly $10 is also a go.

Ah! One other thing, maybe you've already realized that I do not really care much about the theme of the costume. I'm practical like that. I say that once you put it on, the magic happens. Don't go too crazy on something that you are going to be using for a couple of hours and then basically toss it away. Same should apply for our children. I teach that their budget for this year's costume is $15. Mommy's $10 (I just like the challenge). Also, I do not have them look at the whole selection, but rather choose for them two or three, and let them have a voice from there. Having them participate in the fun as well as watching the family's budget, gives them a special sense of awareness. It doesn't have to be less of a party just because the dress is a bargain!

I keep my clicking on to Costume Super Center. Ouch! Even their clearance is expensive! Adult Candy Corn Witch at $19.99? I can do better! They have blond wig at $15.00... over budget, granted. But I think I won't need a disguise after if this all I wear... I mean, ah! you know what I mean!

Moving on to Costume Discounters, they sure have awesome deals! I'm digging the Devil Woman down from $23.97 to $9.97. Argghh! UPDATE: Medium size is already OUT OF STOCK.

So you get the idea. Yes, there is mysticism and a lot of history, but no need to go breaking a limb, or a budget for a night of play pretend :-) albeit celebrating our ancestors, the fruits of our labor, or good and simple candy harvesting! If you do celebrate this holiday, I urge you to enjoy within your means. Our nation is spending almost more in Halloween than Christmas. Last year, Halloween spending went up to almost six billion dollars. It's about time we move beyond any frilly spending and start practicing the enjoyment of Life within our means.


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    • CrazyGata profile image

      CrazyGata 6 years ago from Puerto Rico

      excellent idea!! I used to do that but then stopped because when the day came, I lost my feel for it already!

      Thank you for your comment and I invite you to stay a regular hubber!!!!

    • profile image

      Adela 6 years ago

      Also another good hint is to look for a costume but at the same time sit in front of your Limeline mention... I used to buy a cheap costume and add on some other stuff... another good hint is go on november 1st and buy a few costumes in clearence if you can...

    • CrazyGata profile image

      CrazyGata 6 years ago from Puerto Rico

      Did cross dressing already though, some dud got me confuse and hit me like a guy! hahaha!!!1

    • CrazyGata profile image

      CrazyGata 6 years ago from Puerto Rico

      awesome! I'm game!!!

    • Limeline99 profile image

      Limeline99 6 years ago from South Carolina

      There are plenty of things lying around my house to create an awesome halloween costume at the super price of "FREE"! All it takes is a little creativity and imagination. My freshman year of college I had $1 to my name and ended up painting my face with acrylic paint in the likes of a zombie. I knotted up my hair and put on a black sweater and some jeans and it was a pretty cool costume! If you live with a guy or girl, you can always cross dress for halloween - that would be in this year considering Lady GaGa's performance at the MTV VMAs!