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The Folly of Believing in Luck

Updated on February 21, 2015
Tikoy and Ang Pao
Tikoy and Ang Pao | Source

Colorful Celebration and Luck Superstition

January 31 is Chinese New Year 2014. Once again, the Chinese people are celebrating. This event is marked by various kinds of festivities of so much fun and excitement. No doubt this is actually the most colorful kind of New Year celebration among various cultures of the world

In Binondo, Manila Philippines, the big celebration is taking place because this is where the Chinese community is found. In Divisoria and in nearby markets and shops, the vendors are running their way to the bank because goodies, delicacies like Tikoy, round fruits like oranges, grapes and whatever round that signifies money, and all sorts of so called items that bring in good luck are selling like hotcakes to Chinese shoppers and some other believers of luck.

The Risk of Believing in Luck

This is where lies the difference between Christians whose God is Jesus and Chinese people whose God is Buddha. Obviously, the Chinese who do not believe in Jesus believe that good life and prosperity can be obtained by luck. And in order to have that luck you have to do to so many ceremonials, you have to buy so many good luck charms, and observe some do's and don't’s.

Unfortunately for the Chinese, it has been proven time and again that those good luck charms and ceremonials are nothing but "a hit and miss" kind of thing. This means, you may hit luck one time but you may also miss this luck another time. This is why it is luck. It is not sure, it comes by chance and if good chance does not come, sorry for you.

What a very risky kind of belief, there is no surety and hence there is no peace. For how will you have peace in life is everything is placed under the power of luck. Isn’t it that gambling is a game of chance? Isn’t it that gambling relies on luck? How many lives have been impoverished and made miserable by gambling? Such is the life of those who believe in luck. Though they may not gamble literally, they do gamble their whole life in reality.

Trusting in the one and only true God who can provide and supply all that we need in life is always the best decision. There is no need for luck for luck does not really exist. Everything that comes into this world is being allowed by God. It does not happen merely by luck or chance. God, the Supreme Being controls this world and whatever happens to you is under His control.

God in Matthew 6:33 says “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things will be added unto you.” Faith in true God not in Buddha is the key. God who created this World will provide all that we ever need provided we seek first His Kingdom and His righteousness. There is no need to buy those expensive lucky charms. You are just wasting your money. There is no need to follow those ceremonials and all complicated details of your wrong belief, just believe in the true God and you will never go wrong.

The Steps in Getting the Assurance of Life Here and Beyond

When you put your faith in Him, you will not just be provided with all your needs in this world but you are also secured eternally. So will you trust Jesus today? Admit that you are a sinner and that you have no power to save yourself from the penalty of your sins.

Repent of yours sins and ask God to forgive you. Then, accept that Jesus Christ died to pay your sins in the Cross. Accept that He is your Savior and Lord and He died to pay your sins, He was buried but on the 3rd day He rose again to life for He already conquered death.

Those who trust and believe in Him will no longer suffer in Hell. Just as Christ have come back to life, those who have Jesus in their life though they die will also live again eternally in heaven with Jesus their Lord and Savior.

Will you ever make your decision today to accept Jesus in your life instead of trusting Buddha or other fake gods? Make your decision now. This is your chance not just to live in this world but also there in heaven with Jesus the only Savior and Lord.

(Romans 6L23 For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord)


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