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Choosing Gifts for your Easter Celebrations

Updated on March 31, 2016

Easter eggs



Once every year between March 23rd and April 26th, people from all walks of life set themselves to celebrate life on a holiday that is scheduled on the first Sunday after the full moon. The holiday commonly referred to as Easter brings with it a celebratory mood among both religious folk and those who aren’t inclined to the word of God. The holiday conjures many things in our minds depending on our orientation from childhood days, and common practice the world over.

Easter Sunday

In the year 2016, the calendar places Easter on Sunday, March 27. This day will be celebrated in the Christian calendar as the Resurrection Sunday, in line with the rising of Jesus Christ who was crucified and died on the cross on Thursday that precedes this day. Christians celebrate the resurrection of Christ to mark the victory over the power of death. The grave could not contain or hold onto the son of God. Easter is therefore regarded as a season of prayer and fasting to strengthen one's spirit in preparation for future trials.

Therefore, Easter is considered to be a Christian celebration of the resurrection of Christ, which is celebrated on the Sunday following the first full moon after the vernal equinox.Astrologically, this is a cosmic time whereby the holiday coincides with a celestial point at which the celestial equator intersects the ecliptic. This is the time of the year when the sun crosses the plane of the earth's equator, such that both day and night are of equal length. We observe a March equinox during Easter.

How we mark and celebrate our Easter holiday

Easter celebrations are marked with various notions, some of which are pagan in origin. A long time back, people who had no idea of scriptures took it to be a day of honoring their god by painting eggs in various flashy colors, and rabbits were taken to symbolize fertility. These were given to friends, relatives, loved ones, fathers, mothers, sons and daughters during Easter, in what later came to be known as Easter Eggs and bunnies in modern times.

These gifts have been embraced by many people all over the world, including both Christians and pagans without distinction.Modern day Christians regard eggs and bunnies as symbols of life that represent the resurrected Christ.They never stop to consider the pagan origin of these ideas. However, the important issue is what we have in our hearts when celebrating this holiday.

Choosing your gifts

Many are the times when we walk into a shop intending to reward someone with a gift, only to discover how difficult it is to choose the ideal gift for the occasion, without sending mixed signals or impressions. Easter gifts cover a diverse range of options. The gifts don’t have to be too traditional nor do they need to have sentimental attachments, unless the buyer insists on this. Prior to choosing a gift, it is prudent to carefully consider the person you are purchasing the gift for, and the function or occasion the present is mean for. Questions you might want to answer while selecting the ideal gift include the following;

How old is the person you are rewarding, are they young, teenage or old?

Are they male or female?

What is your relationship with the person?

Should the gift be general, themed or personalized?

Is the gift meant for a special occasion?

Will the gift be edible or otherwise?

What impact will your present have on the person?

Will the present enhance your relationship with the person?

How much will you spend on the present, and is it within your budget?

Having addressed these questions, we can settle down to choosing the gift. Many stores and supermarkets are tailored to meet our need for a particular gift. However, special and personalized gifts can be found in special outlets. Many such outlets will be found online. More general gifts may be found in supermarkets.

Try to remember that, the more thoughtful and careful we are in choosing our gifts, the more highly they will be appreciated by whoever we are rewarding. Agony is purchasing an expensive gift for someone we value, only for it to end up at the back of the shelf, wardrobe or attic.

Easter gifts

Our choice of gifts to celebrate Easter holiday blends between pagan and Christian ideas in origin. Why do we prefer Easter eggs or the bunny?

Chocolate eggs and the Easter bunny

Today, both children and adults don’t consider their Easter to be complete without a generous serving of multicolored Easter chocolate eggs. Children expect mom, daddy or other close relatives and friends to bring chocolate eggs when they come visiting over the Easter weekend. Egg hunts are often conducted to make the occasion more memorable. Our tables become a spectacle of color to behold. Egg-shaped edibles adorn our tables to keep the spirit of the occasion in mind.

The chocolate treat has over time been regarded as a special offering at our dinner table during Easter, with more innovative ideas coming up as they borrow from the same original idea. Rabbit-shaped presents have become the norm. Confectioneries are full of ideas of personalized gifts such as the forging of one’s body image in the form of chocolate and even using edible chocolate to print one’s face using a 3-D printer ( Jen Lindsey-Clark at New York-based “Chocolatician” ideas of “Eat My Face” in 2015 and “Cumberbunnies” in 2016, found at “chocolatecumberbunny”).

The Crucifix

One thematic gift worth considering is the crucifix which symbolizes the crucifixion of Christ on the cross on the Friday preceding Easter Sunday. The cross reminds us of many things such as the suffering that Christ had to endure, the carrying of our cross each day as demanded by Christ. The cross may also symbolize one’s life in resurrected Christ.

Baby’s Gift

Your baby might look good in a Bunny Rabbit Baby Sleepsuit. Present day Easter gifts are themed with symbols relating to the occasion. Your young daughters might love an Easter Bunny Dress which can be punctuated with whiskers on her chubby cheeks.

Gifts for young girls

Which young lady wouldn’t like tiny well forged Easter Bunny Silver Earrings for the occasion?

A tiny nice cross on a thin chain would surely make the occasion memorable for them. Clothing items that portray the occasion are highly regarded. Accessories such as bangles accentuate whatever they are wearing. Temporary Body art also enhances both the attire and the occasion. Shops offer a wide variety of these.

Gifts for young boys

(DIY Kits)

Young boys love action and wouldn't mind that additional Paint Your Own Easter Egg Kit to challenge innovation and creativity in their minds. Toys that scream about the holiday are readily accepted.

Attire with the bunny theme is usually acceptable. This includes food items.

Family gifts

Family gifts for the occasion favor items that add value to the environment, such as a Ceramic Rabbit Jewelry Dish or a Floral Easter Wreath with eggs.

Older members of the family won't mind a Bunny Necklace with Personalized a Gift Message to hang around their necks or a personalized Easter Mug with Chocolate Eggs.

Both young and older members of the family can look rather charming in Easter Bunny T-Shirts.

Remember to reward yourself as the reward other others during your Easter holiday.


Coloring Easter eggs with Sofia


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  • Anjili profile imageAUTHOR


    2 years ago from planet earth, a humanoid

    Sparrowlet, Thanks for finding time to pass by. Come again.

    tebo, I'm glad you learnt something in my hub. You are most welcome

  • Sparrowlet profile image

    Katharine L Sparrow 

    2 years ago from Massachusetts, USA

    Nice hub with some good suggestions for Easter gift giving. Interesting about the Pagan traditions having to do with the equinox. Good job on this hub!

  • tebo profile image


    2 years ago from New Zealand

    A very thorough and well written article. Enjoyed learning about the timing of easter with the full moon and the equinox. I knew it had something to do with the moon, but your explanation is very clear. Thanks.


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