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Christmas And Being Behind the 8 Ball

Updated on December 16, 2014
Sallie Mullinger profile image

Sallie is a retired mother and grandmother who has written short stories for most of her life. Her stories are from her heart to yours.

Is anyone else feeling kinda behind the proverbial 8 ball?

Im way behind in doing my Christmas cards and I still have boxes piled everywhere, full of Christmas decorations and I have absolutely no inclination to opening them and doing anything with what's in them.

My tree is up. The outside is decorated and I really did enjoy hanging lights in my trees outside and decorating the front porch. I DO have most of my presents bought, but OMG! not one of them is wrapped. And while it kinda nags at me that it isnt all finished and its the middle of December already, I have to admit, Ive rather enjoyed not putting up every, single 43 years worth of decorations.

Ive enjoyed sitting on my butt watching Christmas movies and shows and specials. Im usually an online Christmas shopper and I still am, but this year, Ive gone out and actually shopped in stores. And Ive enjoyed going out and mingling with people. Ive had a good time just going to a small restaurant and having lunch all by myself. My daughter would say thats pathetic and that Im old! And maybe it is and maybe I am, but its a nice break in the day and especially during the Christmas season when people arent as grouchy and you see more smiles on faces.

And Ive enjoyed my grandson's "holiday" (cos you know we cant say the "C" word in public schools) band concert. And Im looking forward to another grandson's CCD Christmas pageant (cos you know you CAN say the "C" word in a Catholic school). And I am especially looking forward to spending the evening with my wonderful cousin Dolores next Friday as her guest at the Hollywood Casino in Lawrenceburg!

Dolores is 20 years older than me and so because of that, I have always called her "Aunt Do". She just turned 83 and if you saw her and talked to her, you would be amazed. I love her because shes my cousin and part of my past and remembers things that I remember and remembers things that I dont remember and tells me stories about our family that I never knew about those days, long gone, when we were all living in the "bottoms" and the entire family was together more than apart. She is such a hoot! I want to be Aunt Do when I am 83 and if God allows that I live to that age, I hope I have the same sense of humor she has and the amazing willingness to do anything and not let age hold me back.

She still drives herself everywhere and is fearless on all of the interstates around Cincinnati. We meet for lunch and end up sitting and talking for 5 hours! We find so many things to talk about, but Im guessing thats because we are so much alike in so many ways. I cherish her.

I am very much looking forward to next weekend and seeing all of my daughter's childhood friends. They are flung all over the country now, but they almost always come home for the holidays and its just so great to see all of them and how theyve changed from the little girls I knew into beautiful, smart, women. They are all successful in their careers and some are now married with children of their own. Its a wonderful tribute to all of them that they are all in their early 30s and yet have remained close friends since grade school days.

Everyone makes this season what they want it to be. In the past, I think Ive been driven to get it all done, have everything perfect (there's that old nemesis of mine!), and drive myself (and probably everyone else) crazy. Now, there are other, more important things that take up my time and my mind during this holiday season.

Maybe its the passing of time and wanting to slow it all down and savor every moment. Or maybe its just focusing on what really is important and what really matters.

Whatever it is, even tho I have that 8 ball in my mind, lurking somewhere in the corners, Im content and happy with my version of Christmas 2014


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