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Christmas Angel Wings and Tree

Updated on June 22, 2011

White toddler Angel Wings

2Pc Angel Wings

The 2Pc Angel Accessory Kit, Includes Wings And Halo

Christmas is around the corner and with all pomp and colour what present are you preparaing for your toddlers and infants. Angel Wings will come in handy for your christmas present for the young ones, here are some cheap Angel wings for babies that you can go for, and find out what other customers are saying about the Angel wings for Christmas party

This Angel wing is provided by the Leg Avenue and has got the following features that makes it one of the best and cheap Angel wings, it has got a shipping weight of 4.8 ounces and is among the top 100 best seller from Amazon online shopping portal. When purchasing the 2Pc Angel wings it will take 2 to 3 days for your orders to be ship for christmas festivities.

Here is one of the customer's review about the angel wings "I am being an angel this year for halloween , and i have looked at TONS of options for my wings and halo. This product was EXACTLY what i wanted..."

Angel Costume Wings

White Feather Angel Costume Wings

Angel halos (boas/rings) are made of super soft full-fluff or half-fluff marabou. The halo ring has an elastic band to fit different head sizes, can also be used as feather necklace and bracelet. This is one of the best Angels wings available online on Amazon with the following features, they wings of fantasy which has got a matching halo bleached white colour, they measure about 34 inches and are natural duck and goose feather with marabou which are hand made, the beauty with the Angels wings is that they are for both teens and adults and available in different colours among them black, blue, purple, green, red. Here is one of the customer's review about this Angel wings "What you see is what you get - they are beautiful, and super fun to wear. The wings were sent very promptly and were packaged carefully. I would recommend them!"


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