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Christmas Animatronics

Updated on November 15, 2013

Christmas decorations can be a fun way to celebrate the holidays and an excellent way to express your creativity. Once you have decorated your house with a Christmas tree, wreaths, window candles, and lights, it's time to get more creative and add in a Christmas animatronc decoration or two. Christmas animatronics mix lights, sounds, and motion to bring your Christmas decoration display to life. A lively Christmas display will be enjoyed by children of all ages and greatly appreciated throughout the entire neighborhood.

Christmas Light Controller

Christmas animatronics come in several forms. One simple way to add music and the illusion of motion to your current Christmas light display is to add in an electronic Christmas light controller. These controllers typically can handle 1,200 mini lights per circuit (or outlet) and they contain multiple outlets.The lights can be programmed to turn on and off, fade in and out, etc. in several pre-set patterns. For even more holiday cheer, the lights can be synchronized to a number of built-in holiday favorite tunes. Songs can be played in order, randomly, or pre-selected by you.

Add Movement with Animated Christmas Decorations

To add motion to your Christmas lights display, animated Christmas decorations are the way to go. Most of these types of decorations are composed of plastic or other resins and come pre-lit with miniature lights. A nice feature of these types of lights is if one light burns out, the rest of the lights will stay lit. And of course, there is a small motor to provide motion.

Since these decorations are usually motorized and contain lights, it's highly recommended that these displays are plugged in by themselves and not added to strings of Christmas lights. Putting too much current drain on the wires will cause the plug fuse to blow. Fuses are easy to replace; but overloading circuits is not recommended.

Animated Inflatable Christmas Decorations

For an even bolder Christmas statement, you may want to consider an animated, inflatable decoration. One very nice feature of these types of decorations is that once deflated, the decoration can be folded and easily stored for next year. With many, many beautiful decorations to choose from, you will find some common features, such as:

  • light-weight constructions for very easy handling
  • lighted for nighttime viewing
  • inflates when plugged in and deflates when unplugged
  • includes tethers and stakes to tie down

When using inflatable, animated decorations, you need to make sure not to leave the decoration inflated during windy periods. While the decoration is tethered, it is possible that the wind can batter and whip at the inflatable material and cause punctures or tears.

More Ideas

There a many, many more Christmas Animatronics to choose from. So take your time and choose the decorations that suit your personality, your budget, and your decorating space.

Remember, when using animated Christmas decorations, it can often be a chore to remember to go out and turn on and turn off the display. Many people use an inexpensive electrical timer that can be set to automatically turn the display on in the late afternoon and then turn it off at night.

Along this same line of reasoning, the Christmas light controller can often be used for this very purpose. Depending on how sophisticated the timer may be, it might be possible to have some outlets dedicated to operating your animated display while other outlets synchronize your Christmas lights to your pre-selected holiday favorites.

And a final word of caution, your are working with electricity. Remember to properly protect all cords, controllers, and lights from water and snow. Christmas lights may be low voltage at the point of each miniature light in the string; but there is live 120 volts of electricity at the front and back of each string of lights and at any place that lights and other decorations plugin. Be careful, use your head, and be safe!

Animated Christmas Display

Final Thoughts

It's easy to get carried away when adding in new Christmas decorations. But it is best to add new items slowly over the years. Always remember to packup and store your Christmas decorations very carefully. If your take good care of your Christmas display, you can continually add new and exciting decorations year after year.

Also, remember, the idea behind decorating is not to be the best on the block. You are decorating to celebrate the holidays no matter which one observe. And absolutely the most important thing to remember is that Christmas is about spending time with your loved ones. So please take time and just enjoy being together.


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