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Christmas Anyone? (All being well)

Updated on January 5, 2019
Photo by chuttersnap on Unsplash
Photo by chuttersnap on Unsplash

Christmas Anyone?

Believe it or not, I began writing this article last year but never ended up publishing it anywhere. Now here we are yet again, the season has come upon us and the month has arrived when everyone will slowly start off feeling festive before frantically rushing for the finish line!

That very goal, of course, is to sit nice and warm and snug before all the Christmas trimmings. All being well. Have you noticed the tension rise yet in your house? This occurs every year and many will surely come face to face with unresolved issues, by the time the 25th rolls around a lot of us will be flat out exhausted already.

Some already planning their holiday after the holiday, the mass exodus or sacred getaway. But for most of us, this is the holiday, so might as well get used to it and makes the most of the festive month of December.

Thankfully, it is traditionally a time for peace, warmth, and celebration, all, of course, being well with everyone, and may that essential spirit wash over you grandly, your family, your friends, one and all this Christmas. I sincerely hope you'll find time to appreciate your loved ones, safe in the knowledge, next year is not for certain...

Last year, this truth hit me like a ton of bricks when a family member suffered a stroke in November, so before this time and lined up a very difficult 2018m filled with worry and uncertainty, but here we are now again and this year I feel at least hopeful.

Ah, the faithful old seasonal spirit, I must ask, does anyone else notice a declining sense of this spirit? The ancient fundamental gift of the 25th day of December and what it stood for? I used to wish we could carry that spirit on, the beauty and the peace that was there - well into the rest of the year! Seemingly, it lasts two days tops! If not just one day. And the advertisers still let us know, we should be generous.

I know that if I feel the tradition come over me, such as this train of thought, I try to re-invent myself between now and the New Year. Remembering that in another time, when Christmas wasn't just 'some mad commercial outing' and actually stood for something else entirely: "Family" The more sacred feeling occurred up and down the land.

At least, when I was younger there were no easy pickings for any hate-induced hearts to attack all that was special and morally good about society during this time. Have times changed so much?

It's nice to keep such thoughts in mind and let go, and feel the magic, if it's there, certain there surely will be a new year. But for now, my friends, it's Christmas and I've long tried to define that particular sensation (from childhood on) that takes over everything, all being well and frankly, feels nice. One word comes to mind when it happens.


© 2018 Michael Claffey


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