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Christmas Bubble Lights on Sale

Updated on May 12, 2011

Looking to buy Christmas bubble lights? Christmas bubble lights are generally used on a Christmas tree for illumination. They were introduced on the retail market sometime in the 1940s; however, became very popular in the 1950s. Traditionally, the retro Christmas bubble lights were made with lightweight oil filled in glass, but today’s designs are different. Today’s Christmas bubble lights are generally made from acrylic filled with clear or colored water that come in a wide variety of designs, coloring and even can be very glittery for those who want that sparkle. The purpose of the base that is filled with liquid is to give them a brighter illumination. Instead of choosing string likes, consider buying this type of Christmas tree lighting. Christmas bubble lights will give your tree the look of burning candles; thus, making the tree much more tasteful for the holiday season.

Christmas Bubble Lights

Christmas Clear Bubble Lights with Glitter

Buy clear bubble lights for your Christmas tree - get the ambiance of candles without fire hazards.
Buy clear bubble lights for your Christmas tree - get the ambiance of candles without fire hazards.

For Your Tree

Christmas bubble lights can be bought in multicolored shades or elegant white. They can even be purchased with glitter filled vials that sparkle inside the stems of the light product. If you are energy conscious then you can also find LED strands to help save on your electric bill during the holiday season.

Read over the product information carefully when buying to purchase enough strands for your tree. Keep in mind that a medium or large Christmas tree may need three or more strands for proper illumination. Also pay attention to the wire coloring. Generally green is the most common coloring; however, there are also other colors available for your preference.

Plug In Bubble Christmas Lights

Another nice touch to holiday decorating is plug in bubble Christmas lights. Plug in Christmas décor works well for in bathrooms. They also work well in hallways and kitchens for illumination. Just like the traditional Christmas Bubble lights, plug ins come in LED or use low voltage bulbs for illumination.

Christmas bubble lights that are single lighting units come in character or object designs. Lit up presents or Christmas themed characters are often very popular for purchase.

Plug ins that are the shape of a Christmas ball ornament are also very popular and can come in plain coloring designs or feature popular cartoon characters that kids will enjoy.

Traditional Christmas Bubble Lights

Christmas Bubble Lights photo courtesy of Wikipedia Any Use
Christmas Bubble Lights photo courtesy of Wikipedia Any Use

Chandelier Christmas Bubble Lights

Although not quite the same as traditional Christmas bubble lights, Chandelier bubble lighting is a worthy mention. This type of Christmas lighting is a plug in candle that features clear stems that contain mesmerizing bubbles with glitter. Chandelier bubble lights are often made with a fancy base. The stems are acrylic made and filled with water that contributes the glitter illumination. This type of lighting is great for on window sills and other areas that you want visible from outside. These types of Christmas bubble lights come in single tiers, double or even triple. Consider buying single for bedroom windows and the double and triple tiers for bay and other larger windows for proper illumination.


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