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Christmas Cards Galore

Updated on October 28, 2011

Love Bursts on Print

Christmas cards remain to be the most convenient, easy and fastest way of sending love bursts to anyone around the world. Love bursts on print have a special appeal to it because it serves as a reminder for the recipient that they are valued, remembered, treasured and significant in someone’s life. There are some who make a collection of Christmas cards from special individuals. There are those who collect novelty Christmas cards, vintage Christmas cards and the like. Still, others make it their habit to respond with their own Christmas card filled with love bursts.

There are others though who may not often show the depth of their gratitude for being remembered and may even simply brush it aside BUT one can be sure that the “love burst” it contained has done its job.

Christmas Cards Galore

I went about surfing the net and was amazed at the varied specific Christmas cards available online. Choosing the best one to suite the recipient’s taste, preference, personality, status and the like has become an easier task.

I chose 10 different types that caught my attention and provide an opportunity for you to check on some of them immediately. It's my way of helping spread love bursts on print.

1. Photo Christmas Cards

These Christmas cards are very popular for those who use the season as the best time to update family members and friends living far away with their most recent photos. It becomes a good remembrance item as well and gives the Christmas card a more intimate feel.

There's a wide variety of photo Christmas cards around and they come in boxes which make it all the more convenient and affordable. There's more to choose from and clicking on the images to your right will lead you to other choices.

2. Personalized Christmas Cards

Nothing beats personalized items even Christmas cards but you do have to get them on time so that they may be delivered on time. I find personalized Christmas cards have an added value to it in that it gives the energy of formality and distinct taste.

Many suppliers of Personalized Christmas cards have deadline for orders and if you decide to make a quick decision to have one better click on the images and  double check their availability in your area.

3. Religious Christmas Cards

Many seek to find the best religious Christmas cards to remind their loved ones of the significance of the season or the reason for the season. I love those that feature beautiful paintings of nativity scenes. There are cards that also include scriptures which can be found in the category of Christian Christmas cards.

Christmas cards of these nature bring solemnity to the occasion and invites gratitude moments to come easily. Find one that you resonate with you and that same energy will flow on to the receiver.

4. Funny Christmas Cards

In keeping with the joy of the season funny Christmas cards are sought by many to send love bursts with "health" value. Laughter is, after all, still the best medicine in the world.

Cards in this category go from funny to humorous to hilarious and what-nots which may cause unnecessary palpitations. Please don't let me stop you from being curious. Do check on the other extreme categories under Funny Christmas cards by clicking on the images beside this text. Suffice to say you have been warned

5. Dog Christmas Cards

Dog lovers who want to send special Christmas cards to other dog lovers will have a ball and tail wagging moment sending and receiving love bursts that sound like cheerful barks.

There are a good number of Christmas cards featuring dogs doing adorable poses. I squeezed in Victoria, my Pomeranian buddy in the photo atop this hub, to greet you a dog loving holiday!

6. Cat Christmas Cards

Cat lovers cannot be left behind. There is an assortment of Christmas cards that capture the cat's audacity to pose in full calmness in the most adorable or daring of manners. It can help bring a smile to anyone's heart.

The Cat Christmas cards can be seen in many categories like jolly holiday cats, Christmas cats, Christmas cat cards and the like. Discover them yourselves and have a very Purrrry Christmas!

7. Christmas Tree Cards

Christmas tree cards have their own special appeal to them. Christmas trees have become a symbol for different things to different people like unity, prosperity, love, abundance, oneness, family, strength etc.

If you are one who delights in the energy that the Christmas tree brings then you may want to consider extending that to your choice of Christmas tree cards.

8. Custom Christmas Cards

Custom Christmas cards bring out an energetic love burst. Do-It-Yourself Christams cards belong to the same category. It provides a opportunity for you to get down and get dirty as you design your own look of Christmas cards. .

IT can also be a form of meditation as it makes you focus on "creating", keep you quietly connected to the different pieces involved in designing a Christmas card with pre-fabricated parts. It also tunes you in to the person you have in mind. I find this activity exciting and will definitely add value to the card you give to a particular person.

9. Handmade Christmas Cards

I appreciate the passion behind Handmade Christmas Cards. It gives that element of the perseverance that comes with loving tender care. It is to no surprise that most of these cards cost higher than others.

Most artists would treasure Handmade Christmas cards because they feel a special connection to them. They understand the labor of love that stems from creating each piece  or what we could call an "artistic love burst."


10. Charity Christmas Cards

here are several Charity Christmas cards you can choose from and being an artist I chose to feature those that support projects that uses the arts and education to work with children and youth who are at-risk with special needs. Do go over those I found in Amazon and see if they appeal to you as well.

Christmas Charity Cards carry with it a love burst with a blast because its effect goes beyond the realm of the recipient. There are many more who will eventually feel the impact of that love.

I hope the list helps all efforts of disseminating love bursts through Christmas cards. Have a blessed Christmas to all!

Happy Holidays!

Daisy Ba-ad


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