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Christmas Crafts: How to Make Your Own Holiday Garland Decorations

Updated on October 30, 2010

If you want your Christmas tree to truly reflect handmade arts and crafts, don't top off the decorations your family has made by hand with ordinary, store bought holiday garland. Instead, create your own holiday garland using one of these great craft ideas.

Popcorn Garland

Children will have great fun creating long strands of popcorn garland to wrap around your Christmas tree. Simply pop a big batch of popcorn, thread large craft needles with very strong thread, and enjoy a fun evening with your family stringing popcorn kernels to make your own garland. Of course, you'll want to make extra popcorn so that you can enjoy snacking as you work on the project.

Keep in mind that you don't want to use popcorn that has been buttered or seasoned for this holiday craft idea. If you want a more colorful holiday garland than plain white popcorn can provide, you may want to spray paint the strands before hanging them on the tree. Metallic gold and silver spray paints work very well for this.

Paper Chains

Most adults have fond memories of making paper chains of garland during their elementary school years. Parents and children can enjoy working together to create paper chains from multi colored construction paper. The end result won't be the most sophisticated holiday d├ęcor, but it will certainly create fond family holiday memories and gift the tree a true handcrafted look.

To create paper chain garland, all you need is construction paper, scissors, and glue or tape. Cut the paper into strips about one inch wide and six inches long. Start by forming a circle with one strip. Glue or tape the ends together. Insert a second strip of paper inside the circle, form another circle, and tape ends together. Continue until the garland is the desired length. You can use a single color of paper, or combine several different colors depending on your personal decorating preferences.

Important Lessons For Kids

Not only can are these handmade garlands beautiful, creating these types of crafts can go a long way in de-emphasizing the commercial messages about the holidays that kids are bombarded with every day.

Personal Touch

These old-fashioned, hand crafted Christmas garlands are a terrific way to add a personal touch to your family's Christmas tree. Spending time creating these types of crafts together is a terrific way to spend quality time with the people you love. You'll create family memories that can last a lifetime when making your own holiday garland becomes a holiday tradition in your home.


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  • anne_with_an_e profile image

    anne_with_an_e 7 years ago from here, there and everywhere

    This is a great hub with great ideas! I linked my hub to it:

  • profile image

    Jocelyn 7 years ago

    You should put up some easier things to make with just construction paper, glue, and scissors

  • Zsuzsy Bee profile image

    Zsuzsy Bee 10 years ago from Ontario/Canada

    Great HUB that puts the joys of family togetherness into focus.

    I really enjoy your articles

    regards Zsuzsy