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A Great Christmas Decoration Yard Plan For Your Lawn

Updated on March 21, 2011

Many people love to decorate outdoors for the Christmas season. Most people will purchase a bunch of lights, inflatables, and other holiday decor, put it in a pile and just start decorating without much thought. Many times however, they will end up not having enough outlets and finishing with a yard that looks cluttered and unorganized. Creating a simple Christmas decorations yard plan is a great idea for those that love to decorate with outdoor Christmas decor. A Christmas decorations yard plan can allow you to have a better look as well as save you time when you actually decorate.

To begin, you will need to actually draw a rough picture of the area you want to decorate. Make sure you roughly sketch trees and bushes as well. Then think about all of the decorations you own and make a small list of them. Note things that must use electricity.

After you sketch your area, begin going through your list and starting with the biggest and most attention getting item, draw it into your picture. The biggest items do not always need to be in the exact center. Keep in mind where you have outlets available and where you can use extension cords.

You don't want to clutter everything in one area. The key to great decorating is to use one or two major focal points and use details for the rest of the area. Inflatables are extremely popular, but you really should not have more than one for a small yard, or more than two for a larger yard. If you have too many of these great accents, your yard will begin to look like a carnival.

Doing The Work

Once you get started, make sure you lay out your extension cords first. Then begin adding your decorations according to your drawing. Some things may need to be altered, because they may not fit where you thought they would. So, be flexible with your plan. Unless you want to be like the "National Lampoon" family, think about using fewer decorations to make a more classy statement. You can always add more if you feel your decor is too bare.

After you finish decorating, stand back and take a good look at what you have accomplished. Chances are by using a Christmas decorations yard plan you have created a wonderful holiday scene. You would be surprised how much time this saves as well. Many couples also claim that by planning ahead, there is no arguing about where things go when the actual decorating part comes.

Don't be afraid to change your Christmas decorations yard plan each year for a little variety. This is also necessary when you make new decor purchases. Although it may seem a little time consuming, planning ahead can save you time and energy when it comes to the task. Remember to be flexible with your plan and go with a few focal points and many subtle decor points for a great holiday look.


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    • Simply Redd profile image

      Simply Redd 7 years ago from Canada

      Thanks! I didn't hear that about the hanging Santa! I could definitely see it happening, though. :)

    • Pinkchic18 profile image

      Sarah Carlsley 7 years ago from Minnesota

      Great ideas! lol I think the santa hanging on the roof is funny but I think I did hear on the news last year that it freaked out a lot of people that drive by and they call 911 or something along those lines.