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Christmas Gift Books - Too Late at Christmas

Updated on October 31, 2016

My 'The Christmouse Boot'.

Buying Christmas Gift Books?

If you intend to buy Christmas gift books, try not to leave it it too late!

For one thing, you need to be sure to obtain your chosen gifts before they sell out.

For another, it's important to remember that some items simply don't work quite as well if they are received on Christmas Day, itself.

Certainly, children might like to read festive stories and complete Christmas coloring on 'the day', but not so much thereafter.

And children like to get into the Christmas spirit during Advent, so it is a good idea to give certain gifts early in December rather than waiting until the 25th.

It's the same with adult festive books.

(And don't forget to treat yourself, as well!)

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This article and the images are copyright ~ Tricia Mason

Wintry Christmassy Images

Copyright Tricia Mason
Copyright Tricia Mason

Children Love Christmas Crafts and Seasonal Bedtime Stories

Children love to be involved in Christmas activities during advent ~ like crafts and coloring ~ and they really enjoy seasonal bedtime stories.

There are some wonderful Christmas gift books around but, sadly, if they are received as gifts on Christmas Day then the festive season will be practically over before they get the chance to really enjoy them ~ and, once Christmas is over, it is really too late for Christmas activities and seasonal tales.

But, if Christmas Day can be too late for Christmas gift books, then when should you give them?

In many western countries Advent Calendars are presented to young children on the last day of November, ready for the first 'window' to be opened on the first day of December. This would be a perfect time to add a Christmas story book.

In Germany, children often leave their shoes out on St Nicholas' Eve and receive gifts from St Nicholas on his feast day ~ 6th December. This is a perfect time to give specifically seasonal books.

Put St Nicholas' Eve / St Nicholas' Day (5th and 6th December) in your diary! This might be a good 'tradition' to include in your own Yuletide preparations.

Actually, any time during Advent, right up until Christmas, is the ideal time for seasonal gift books and craft books, etc.

Some of the Available 'Santa Paws' and Seasonal 'Animal Ark' Titles:

So Many Books!

There are paperbacks, hardcovers and e-books. Frequently they are classified according to the child's age. Remember to ensure that the books are age-appropriate.

You may wish to purchase books that you remember from your own childhood, or from reading to your children when they were young, but some of these may be out-of-print, or so rare as to be overly expensive.

Consider the beliefs of the potential readers. Do you want to give them books connected to the Christian Christmas, or do you wish to give more secular gifts?

The Santa paws children's series is particularly good for this time of year. And the 'Animal Ark' series has published a number of Christmas special.

There is a multitude of books, out there, related to Christmas, to choose from, and you will be spoiled for choice!

Be sure to read reviews and also to check for whom the books are written. Read, also, the publishers blurb.

Magazines and newspapers may provide details of best sellers and favorites.

Amazon has reader and editorial reviews that may help. You may even be able to read excerpts.

Adults, too, love their Christmas Books for Advent!

Remember, also, that it is not only children who enjoy reading their Christmas books, before the celebrations are over.

Adults, too, like to settle down with a seasonal read during the long, winter, pre-Christmas, evenings.

The Advent Calendar

The Advent Calendar
The Advent Calendar

Written by Steven Croft. Illustrated by Sarah John.


'The Advent Calendar', by Steven Croft

'The Advent Calendar', by Steven Croft, published 2006 drew my attention, when I saw it reviewed online.

Description from Amazon: 'When Alice’s Uncle Sam brings home a mysterious calendar that’s ... big on surprises, she is thrown into .... fantastical new worlds that are

wondrous, frightening and beautiful ...'

Apparently, 'this enthralling and touching tale' is 'packed with codes and secrets .. inviting us to explore the deeper meanings of Christmas'.

The Publishers claim that this 'fantastic cross-over book - will appeal to both the religious and general trade' ~ adults and children.

Sounds good.

Christmas Story Collections - or Treasuries

There are a huge number of Christmas story anthologies out there!

Some will be for very young children ~ for them to share with their families. Others will be for beginner readers. Others, again, will be for proficient young readers, young adults and / or even older members of the family.

There may be selections by one author, or collections from many authors. Some will be heart-warming, others will be funny. Some will be secular, others will have a Christian theme. Others, again, may refer to Yule or the Solstice.

By checking the information on sites, which sell books online, and by reading online excerpts, reviews, etc, you can become knowledgeable about what is on offer and confident of your choices

Background Info: Advent

'Advent' refers to a 'coming' or 'arrival' ~ particularly one of importance.

It is from the Latin language: ad + venire = to come.

In the Christian Church, the term 'Advent' is applied to the coming of 'the Saviour' ~ or the season of waiting, before Christmas arrives, when their Saviour's birth may finally be celebrated.

The Christian Year, otherwise known as the Liturgical Year, begins on Advent Sunday. This is the fourth Sunday before Christmas Day ~ which occurs at the end of November / beginning of December.

Background Info: Saint Nicholas

Saint Nicholas is the man behind Santa Claus, now also known as Father Christmas ~ though it's not quite as simple as that, since Old Father Time may also have been involved in the origins of this Christmas personage ~ and possibly even the Father God, too!

But, for those who call Father Christmas 'Santa Claus', Saint Nicholas is definitely the origin of the name, at least.

The 3rd/4th century Greek Christian Bishop, Nikolaos the Wonderworker of Myra (in modern Turkey), is said to have given gifts, anonymously, to deserving people.

He is also said to have placed coins into the shoes of children, who left them out in the hope that the sainted man might secretly visit them.

A number of miracles have also been attributed to Saint Nicholas.

Father Christmas is a northern winter character who has been melded with the saint of Myra to form the winter character we know and love today.

'The Night Before Christmas' or 'A Visit from St. Nicholas'

'Twas the night before Christmas, when all thro' the house
Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse;
The stockings were hung by the chimney with care,
In hopes that St. Nicholas soon would be there;
The children were nestled all snug in their beds,
While visions of sugar plums danc'd in their heads,

* * *

This is the beginning of a delightful Christmas poem, first published in 1823. The author is either Clement Clarke Moore or Henry Livingston Jr. Some beautiful versions of this are currently available.


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