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Christmas Gift Ideas: Stocking Fillers

Updated on November 16, 2009

Christmas gift ideas don’t always have to be big and expensive. Indeed, some of the best Christmas gift ideas are the smaller, quirkier ones, which are more suited as stocking fillers. Clothing accessories, calendars, board games and the like are all good Christmas gift ideas, which can work as presents, or as simple stocking fillers. Things like this are available from all sorts of retailers, and are often moderately priced, or on special offer. Big and expensive presents are always good for Christmas gift ideas, but stocking fillers can be equally well received.

Board games are probably not at the forefront of many lists for Christmas gift ideas, but they have been around for years, and great fun for the whole family. Classics like Risk and Monopoly are the favourites as Christmas gift ideas, but there are also newer inventions like Pass the Bomb and Balderdash, which are this generation’s equivalents. Moderately priced and available from WH Smiths to most supermarkets, board games may be largely forgotten as Christmas gift ideas, but whenever they are presented, the prove very popular, more often than not. Good Christmas gift ideas should be able to engage a group of people, not just one person. / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Calendars are also good Christmas gift ideas, although they may not be able to fit in the actual stocking! Lots of celebrities, sports stars and TV personalities release calendars around this time of year, and most people have at least one person they like enough to make calendars good Christmas gift ideas. For the men, presumably the 2010 Cheryl Cole calendar will prove very popular, likewise the Robert Pattison version for the women. As Christmas gift ideas, they may not be very original, but they are always useful, and Christmas is obviously the best time to be given this gift. Christmas gift ideas can be slightly cheesy too!

Christmas gift ideas in the form of stocking fillers can also be adapted to men or women. Many retailers have small gifts for men, such as The Trivia Lover’s Guide to Cricket on the boots website, and on the Topman website there is a range of novelty pants and socks, which are fun Christmas gift ideas. Other stocking filler Christmas gift ideas which would be good for the guys are things like toiletry gift packs, which make cheap and cheerful Christmas gift ideas. Often these types of gifts are available on offer when bought with a more expensive product.

For stocking filler Christmas gift ideas for women, toiletry gift packs are also a good idea. Boots also sell these, and a lot of products are on 3 for 2 offers. Other good Christmas gift ideas for stocking fillers for women are CDs. They are cheap, and this Christmas there are a number of albums being released which will make good Christmas gift ideas. There are new albums from Robbie Williams, Leona Lewis, JLS and Alexandra Burke being released around the festive period, meaning there is a lot of choice for stocking filler Christmas gift ideas.


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