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Fifty Christmas Gift Ideas for 2016

Updated on February 26, 2017


Gender/Age: Typically younger male
Price (new): Between $20 - 100

Nerf (trademarked in capitals as NERF) is a toy, created for safe indoor play, that either shoots or is made of foam-like material. The acronym NERF stands for Non-Expanding Recreational Foam.

From my experience, NERF toys are always well received; even the adults can't resist them (see video below)

2. DVD/Blueray Boxed Set

Gender/Age: Any
Price (New):

Boxed sets are the perfect gift for someone who likes to relax in front of a good movie or TV series. They represent many hours of enjoyment for a relatively small investment, and there's a range to choose from to suit any age, gender, or taste. If you're lucky, you may even get invited to watch it with them.

3. Sheet Music books

Gender/Age: Any
Price (New): $5 - $50

Perfect for the person that has an instrument or wants to learn an instrument. If you know their favourite music, how much more motivated would they be to play their favourite tunes.

For a few dollars more you could even include the music CD to match, so they can play along as part of the band.

Sheet music can be purchased per song or as compilations of individual or multiple artists.

4. Vouchers, Gift Certificates

Gender/Age: Any
Price: sky's the limit

Voucher and gift certificates are often the best of gifts. Especially for that special someone you really don't have a clue what to buy for, for whatever reason; maybe you think they've already got everything.

Voucher and gift certificates are NOT cop-out presents. Instead they are a gift that allows the recipient to choose what they really would like; and the options are endless. And if they do already have everything, they can just spend the voucher on buying you a gift instead :)

Please replace me
Please replace me

5.Replace something that's broken

Gender/Age: Any
Price: You decide

This gift requires that you know what's broken and needs replacing. It could be as simple as a toaster, or as complex as getting their leaking roof repaired.

Some of the most appreciated gifts I have received have been handed over with the words, "I noticed your <item> was broken, so I brought this as a replacement..."

Of course, you may have to exercise a bit of discernment here. It's no use replacing something they placed no value on in the first place. Generally steer away from ornamental items and instead look to those functional things that, now broken, may be missed by their owner.

6. Bedding

Gender/Age: Any, though typically female
Price: $10 - $1000

Bedding includes sheets, pillow cases, mattress toppers, quilts, underlays, protectors and designer accessories.

A neatly appointed bedroom, colour coordinated with a look and feel that's comfortable, is appealing to everyone. Sleeping on new sheets is one of life's simple pleasures. And why not, after all we spend one third of our lives sleeping. Yet for all that, the bed is sometimes the last item to receive our financial attention.

Bedding is the perfect gift for someone who's own is getting a bit frayed or dated, or those that just want a change of scene. Whether you can only afford a set of pillowcases or the whole ensemble, bedding is always practical and appreciated.

TIP: why not get the pillowcases embroidered with a message.

7. Personalised Printed T-Shirt

Gender/Age: Any
Price: $15 - $50

If you know their size and want to give them something they'll never forget is from you, you can't go past a personalised printed item of clothing.

The message can be funny, romantic, instructional, affectionate, or simply seasonal; Merry Xmas John

8. Wallets and Purses

Gender/Age: Any Adult
Price: $5 - $200<

Wallets and purses are generally a quite personal thing, so its best to know the recipients tastes in this area first. Look at what they already use to get a gauge of the texture, colour, size and style they prefer.

Although definitely having style preferences, males generally lean toward functionality in the wallet arena; it has to fit in their pocket, but still hold everything of importance (mainly money and plastic cards).

Woman, although practical, consider their purse an extension of their wardrobe, and therefore desire it compliment their clothing; that's why most woman have several purses, to cater for various dress occasions. They also generally carry a far greater arsenal of equipment around with them (we men will never know why) therefore particular attention should be paid to the size the recipient prefers.

9. Toiletries

Gender/Age: Any
Price: $5 - $200<

Toiletries are products used for beautification and personal hygiene, therefore, unless someone's dead, they need toiletries.

But once again this is a very personal area; though not one that others opinions aren't welcome. My wife, for example, has often asked my thoughts on a fragrance she is considering, and she has even asked me to purchase her toiletries that I prefer (she lives to please me:)

You have a choice, purchase what you know they already use, or, introduce them to something you like, or something completely new to both of you; an adventure.

As creatures of habit we often purchase that which we know. Therefore receiving a toiletries gift is seen as an opportunity to try something we might not have bought ourselves, and be pleasantly surprised. Let the mystery begin...

10. Hobby Horse

Gender/Age: Any
Price: You choose

The idea here is to get something that fits in with the persons interests. What do they like to do in their spare time? What are their hobbies and passions?

Do they like craft, sport, keeping fit, reading, model-making, four-wheel driving, camping, swimming, home renovating, writing, cars, kites, surfboards, bikes, animals, travelling, cooking...

Once you know what they enjoy, drill down until you find something unique and suitable to them.

TIP: you may have ask some discrete probing questions.

11. Religious Significance

Gender/Age: Adult
Price: $5<

Does the person the gift is for have a strong spiritual connection?

If so, they may deeply appreciate a gift that reflects, emphasises or encourages that aspect of their person.

Of course, exercise discernment here, respect the faith traditions of the recipient in the religious gift you purchase.

12. Slippers

Gender/Age: Any
Price: $5 - $50

This was my eight year old daughters idea, and a good one too. I love a good, comfortable pair of slippers; especially on those chilly nights.

Again, this gift requires you be aware of the personal tastes of the recipient. Fluffy giraffe slippers for a teenage boy may seem cute, but they'll just end up stashed somewhere, never to be seen again.

If they already have a pair of slippers, use those as a preference gauge. If not, use your best discernment.

13. Music

Gender/Age: Any
Price: $5 - $30

Few are the individuals who dislike all music, most have a favourite genre, if not favourite band or singer. Therefore music is a great gift... with the caveat that you know their tastes; buy me a heavy metal CD and don't be surprised if you find it being used as a drink coaster a few days later.

Music can be gifted in various ways, including CD, Music video, iTunes voucher etc. If you know the type of music they would enjoy, next determine how they would listen to it. Do they like it loud via the home stereo, private via headphones and an MP3 player, or plugged into their car stereo via Bluetooth from their phone.

14. Magazine Subscription

Gender/Age: Any, typically adult
Price: $15 - $100

Does your giftee have any interest they enjoy reading about? Maybe they enjoy electronics, investing, world events or travel. Maybe they just love to read across a wide variety of topics.

If so, then the chances are you'll find a magazine subscription to suit them. below are a few sites that might help.

15. eBook reader

Gender/Age: Any Teenager - Adult
Price: $50 -$200

These devices are rapidly gaining popularity chiefly because the technology behind them is getting ever closer to duplicating the aesthetics of a real book. they're light, easy on the eyes, have long battery life and massive storage capacity; what more could we ask for?

The perfect gift for those that enjoy reading, are comfortable with technology and can't fit any more books on their shelves.

Read this to help you decide which one to gift.


16. Digital photo frame

Gender/Age: Typically Adult
Price: $15 - $50

This can be a gift for someone that already has a lot of digital photos, or can be given pre-loaded with photos from you; making it extra special.

Digital photo frames provide a rolling pictorial of all those photos that otherwise stayed hidden on the computer hard drive. Photos are presented in vibrant colour and become not just a reminisce for the owner, but a great conversation starter.

This truly is one of those gifts that keeps on giving.

17. Home Office Equipment

Gender/Age: Any Adult
Price: $5 - $100

Many have a home office from which they do the household admin, surf the net, blog, shop, organise, work, or just escape into whatever hobby they enjoy.

However, like any office, it needs to be equipped for business. Staplers, scissors, pencils, rules, storage folders, draws, boxes and cabinets, PC, printer, spare print cartridges, print paper, comfy office chair, plentiful pens, cello-tape dispenser, headphones, phone, paper-clips, etc, etc, etc...

No to mention any of the specialised equipment that might be needed; drafting equipment, software, laminating machines etc.

If they have an office, they have a need for something to fill it.

18. Potted Plants

Gender/Age: Any, typically Adult
Price: $5 - $100

There is something about living plants in an otherwise man-made environment; and not just their aesthetic appeal; plants oxygenate and purify the air.

Tending a growing plant is also rewarding, the simple care they require returning a sense of achievement, as well as vibrant coloured blooms and pleasant fragrances.

For the younger recipient, a Venus Fly trap or other carnivorous plant is always a winner.

19. Computer/Console Game

Gender/Age: Any, typically male teenager/twenty something
Price: Games $20 - $100

PC and console gaming is massive today, with a realism and depth of game-play boarding unbelievable.

Of course, the giftee will require either a game-worthy PC or gaming Console system. There are many flavours today, but the main players are: Xbox, Nintendo and PlayStation.

If they have a gaming system, then use discernment in the type of game you gift them, keeping in mind that if it is for a young person then parsing the idea through the parent(s) or guardian(s) is probably wise.

That said, there is a vast array to choose from, for most age groups and suiting most taste: First person shooters, strategy, puzzle, adventure, simulation, role-playing, sports etc.

And if you enjoy gaming too, then all the better, throw a LAN party :)


23. Full Fuel Can

Gender/Age: Adult
Price: What's the largest fuel container?

Fuel's only getting more expensive. We use it in our cars, lawn mowers, generators, recreational vehicles etc.

The gift of the Fuel canister is good, but filled with fuel, it's a cracker (that's Aussie idiom for really good, not an explosive... just in case you were wondering).

20. Book Boxed-Set

Gender/Age: Any
Price: $5<

Boxed book-sets are great for young and old, providing the budding or avid reader with potentially weeks of entertainment; and can be enjoyed again in a few years time.

Your choice will be governed by the age of the giftee and the type of stories they enjoy. For younger readers the time-tested classics by Enid Blyton and Raoul Dayl are sure to please.

21. Pet Accessories

Gender/Age: Any
Price: $5<

If your giftee has a beloved pet, then your gift giving options just expanded.

From yummy pet treats to toys, cages, kennels, collars, leashes, blankets, clothing, shampoos, brushes etc... you name it, there is probably an equivalent you can get for the domesticated pet.

Click thumbnail to view full-size

27. Chess Set

Gender/Age: Anyone from 7 years up
Price: $20 - $500

Chess is probably the epitome of strategic board gaming, and has lasted the distance over thousands of years, even out-enduring the modern plethora of board games that are invented and developed every year.

My wife and middle daughter play at least three games of chess daily. For them it isn't just a game, it's a time to bond.

If your giftee likes chess, why not get them that extra special board set; a proud centrepiece to their lounge.

22. Local Attraction Tickets

Gender/Age: Any
Price: ?

Does your area or one nearby have a local tourist attraction that would make a great gift to your giftee.

Within twenty minutes of where I live there are four theme parks; Wet and Wild, Dream World, Movie world and Sea World... I think it's been about ten years since I went to any... anyone want to gift me? :)

But seriously, maybe getting them a pass to a local attraction they haven't been to in years is just the ticket (excuse the pun). Maybe even a Family pass, for a year. Now your talking!

24. Gardening Tools

Gender/Age: Typically male adult
Price: $10<

If they have a front or back yard, they'll need gardening tools.

However, not everyone's got a green thumb, and some simply loath anything to do with soil and seed. So be sure.

That said, everyone will eventually, at some time, need a spade.


25. Exercise Equipment

Gender/Age: Typically any adult
Price: $20 - $1000

The push to keep fit is everywhere, and with good reason; we spend far to much time in front of the computer screen (guilty).

Why not help your gift recipient in their fitness endeavours by giving them the equipment they need to get buff.

Aim for something they're more likely to enjoy and use regularly. And if you can't afford the big ticket items, purchase some of the accessories; gym shoes, clothing, gloves, etc.

26. Active Play Equipment

Gender/Age: Any, typically teenager
Price: $50<

Surfboards, scooter, skateboards, bicycles, body boards, rip-sticks etc

These type of "toys" are perfect for getting people off their backsides and into some beneficial activity.

Promoting confidence, social interaction, physical fitness and well-being, this equipment is more than just kids-play.

All in all, I wish they were around when I was a young :)

28. Board Game

Gender/Age: Any
Price: $10 - 100

And while we're talking board games, check out these deals.

One of the highlights to any child's fondest memories must be those family game nights. I can recall the games of Monopoly, Rummy Cube and Cluedo (actually I recall I didn't win that often... hmmm)

39. Aquarium

Gender/Age: Any
Price: $20 - $1000+

We have a Turtle aquarium, and I love it. I sit in the evening watching Noddy (that's the Turtle) gracefully swim about from end to end, turning over the pebbles and driftwood sitting in his tank; it really is quite relaxing.

Kids also love aquariums, and it's a great way to teach them responsibility for caring for other of Gods creatures.

Of course, your gift recipient has to have a desire a for a such a pet, the space to locate the tank (which doesn't have to be big), and the ability to care for it. If you can tick all those boxes, then let's go shopping.

29. Movie Tickets

Gender/Age: Any
Price: How many do you want

A simple gift that always proves a winner as it's something to be enjoyed together.

Generally, the more tickets you purchase, the bigger the savings to you. so what are you waiting for, buy, buy, buy.


30. Car Tune Service

Gender/Age: Any adult
Price: $50 - $150

Sometimes what people most need is not another unessential thing around the house, but to get their essential things working properly.

If you know their car needs a service, either give them a service voucher or ask to borrow the car and get it serviced while you have it.

31. New Car Tyre(s)

Gender/Age: Any Adult
Price: $25 - $500

Same concept as number 30.

32. Mow their lawn for the Month of January

Gender/Age: Any adult
Price: Only your time

Maybe you figure the best you could do for someone is what they can't do, or afford to do, for themselves.

Mowing someone's lawn rewards them (and you) on many levels, and may endear you to them more than any other gift might have.

Give the gift of service to others.

33. Colouring Pens

Gender/Age: Any, typically children
Price: $5 - $20

Kids love to colour-in. The simple magic of transforming a black and white picture is something we all enjoyed when young, and still do enjoy with our own children and grand-children.

So why not make those moments even more special by gifting the kids the most vibrant and long lasting pens; they'll thank you for it with many pictures pinned to the wall.

34. Wall Art

Gender/Age: Any, though typically adult
Price: $5<

Does your gift recipient have bare walls that are just crying out for a bit of culture.

Give them a framed painting, a real one. There are many local artists in any city or town. Either look them up, or shop online. Art is everywhere. But it needs to be on the wall of someone you know.


35. Kitchen Handy's

Gender/Age: Any, typically adult female
Price: $5 - $100<

If your giftee spends a lot of time in the kitchen, then they'll appreciate having the best tools for job, whatever that be; slicing and dicing, grating, mincing, baking, roasting, basting, boiling, frying, freezing, storing, pickling, timing, and even cleaning.

Some kitchen utensils are stylishly designed as eye-catching ornaments in their own right, others can do multiple jobs in the one unit, and still others have proven themselves as irreplaceable in their arena of kitchen activity.

36. Gift Basket

Gender/Age: Any
Price: $15 - $100<

I love gift baskets, though I care little for the basket. All those goodies packed tight together in one container is like being given multiple presents all wrapped up together.

The choices are also rich, catering to most tastes and preferences. Whether they be a coffee connoisseur, chocolate addict, tea nut, or cookie crazy, there is a basket to please.

And the baskets aren't bad either.

37. Hat

Gender/Age: Any, typically female
Price: $10<

Hat have always had a place in fashion, but along with being the perfect accessory item they are also very practical; for warmth, shade and protection from the elements.

If your giftee likes hat, help add to their collection. If they need a hat for more pragmatic reasons, save them having to get one themselves.

Of course you're going to have to know their size. I suggest borrowing one of their hats, work out the size and then go shopping.

38. LED Light Bulbs

Gender/Age: Adult
Price: $10 - $60+

Sounds odd I know, but this is a great gift on several levels, to name a few;

  • Helps the environment
  • Saves them money on electricity
  • Lasts many thousands of hours longer than a normal bulb

If your giftee appreciates protecting the environment and saving money, then the LED light Bulb isn't such a silly idea.

40. Asterix Collection

Gender/Age: Any, typically male
Price: $80 - $1500

I grew up reading Asterix, bought the whole set several decades ago. My kids grew up reading Asterix, and destroyed the whole set over those same decades.

I miss my Asterix collection... (sigh)

But you can bring the joy of Goscinny & Uderzo's creation to a whole new generation. Or maybe revive the memory for another like me.

41. Tintin Collection

Price: $20 - $200

I grew up reading Tintin, bought the whole set several decades ago. My kids grew up reading Tintin, and destroyed the whole set over those same decades.

I miss my Tintin collection... (sigh)

But you can bring the joy of Herge's creation to a whole new generation. Or maybe revive the memory for another like me.

42. Chocolate

Gender/Age: Any
Price: $10 - $50

Novels have been written regarding the allure of chocolate, and, accordingly, for many it has become one of life's essential needs; and woe betide the one who seeks to deprive them.

If your giftee falls into that category, then your gift searching is over. Give them chocolate and they'll be eating out of your hand...

43. Beverages

Gender/Age: Any
Price: $10 - $40

Does your giftee like their beverage intake. If so than gift them a fridge load; OK, a dozen then.

Every time they open an other can they'll whisper a small thanks to you.

44. Camping Equipment

Gender/Age: Any, but typically male
Price: $10<

If they're the outdoorsy type, then camping equipment is a goer.

Tents, flash-lights, sleeping bags, mosquito nets, gas stoves, knives, compasses, maps, trailers, tarpaulins, ropes etc.

With all of today's modern camping conveniences, getting out into the wild can be quite a home-away-from-home experience. Visit your local camping store, or, much easier, search online to find the latest and greatest camping gadgets and essentials.

45. Exotics

Gender/Age: Any
Price: $80 -$400

I'm talking Exotics Golf equipment. If they play golf, they'll love this equipment.

46. Power Tools

Gender/Age: Typically male adult
Price: $20<

Whether or not they have any DIY skills whatsoever, many men just like power tools. Squeezing the trigger, feeling all that power, and then using it to build something; or at least attempt to.

For many men, there is no such thing as too many tools, and no other bliss compares to a day spent utilising the power tools on some DIY project or another.

Of course, woman aren't exempt from this particular fixation, just a lot rarer. Many tool manufacturers even produce power tools styled for the handywoman.

The video below of Tim 'The Tool man' Taylor may serve as a useful guide on how NOT to use powertools.

48. Novelty

Gender/Age: Any
Price: $1<

Every year the adults in the extended family (12 of us) play Dirty Santa. The Rules are simple: each participant must buy a relatively cheap gift $5 - $10. The presents are wrapped, numbered and placed on a table. Normally a means to who starts is determined (quiz, puzzle etc). Then one at a time each person goes to the table and selects a gift, unwrapping it. The next person can either choose a gift from the table or take the gift from the first person (that's the Dirty part); who then gets to choose a different gift from the table. This continues until everyone has a gift, but as you can imagine, the best gifts are battled over to the bitter end. Adding even further humour is the sheer uselessness of some of the "gifts". I was once lumbered with a giant painted acorn, the type normally adorning the top of a fence post.

Try it, it's great fun. You'll need at least eight players for a decent result.

47. Furniture

Gender/Age: Any
Price: ?

Is your gift recipient a bit light in the furniture department? Maybe they've just moved out of the family home; or lost items through fire or theft; or having a baby and need to kit out the nursery. Whatever the reason, a gift of needed furniture will be a blessing remembered for a long time and always appreciated.

49. Tupperware

Gender/Age: Any adult, typically female
Price: $5 - $100<

A simple, practical and long lasting gift that will find a ready use in any household across a wide range of activities; meals preparation, freezing, food storage, picnics, kids lunches etc...

Some people are not completely happy unless they have a tidy organised kitchen. Tupperware is the perfect solution for such people. Others just don't have enough airtight containers to keep the food fresh and free from bugs; Tupperware to the rescue.

Tough, long lasting quality from a name that has stood the test of time.

50. Software

Gender/Age: Any
Price: diverse

Does your gift recipient have a computer?

What do they use their computer for?

Would they appreciate having an updated version of the software currently installed, or something completely different. Maybe that latest Photoshop edition they've always wanted but couldn't bring themselves to buy; maybe gaming software; the latest office suite version; Dragon Naturally Speaking voice recognition software... the options are endless, the prices are well ranged and the ease of ordering online couldn't be simpler.

What are you waiting for, get ordering.


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    • htodd profile image

      htodd 6 years ago from United States

      Great gift ideas

    • mandymoreno81 profile image

      mandymoreno81 6 years ago

      Movie tickets and movie sets are the top gifts for me. I love going out to see movies but they cost $10 where I live! And it's easier for someone to get a TV series for me on boxset than to buy it myself :p

    • Gypsy Rose Lee profile image

      Gypsy Rose Lee 6 years ago from Riga, Latvia

      Great job and thanks for the info. But here in Riga the best of the lot considering our prices of things are gift cards and especially those from supermarkets.

    • Alastar Packer profile image

      Alastar Packer 6 years ago from North Carolina

      Nice ideas parrster: the Kohl's gift card looks particularly enticing!

    • rednickle profile image

      rednickle 6 years ago from New Brunswick Canada

      Hm Great list here but for me, what i would really hope to get this Christmas would be a ticket to watch the new Sherlock Holmes movie coming out this month