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Christmas Gift Ideas for the Men In Your Life

Updated on November 5, 2008

Hand Dipped Chocolate Is A Real Treat!

Gifts for Dad


It is often hard to find a gift for some of the men on our list. Here are some ideas that have worked well for me over the years. These are ideas are ten dollars or less.

1. A box of good chocolates is a good idea. Men like chocolate too! It may be small, but if he's a chocolate lover like my son-in-law, a small box of hand picked chocolates from a good gourmet shop is a very welcome treat. I could only spend five dollars on an office gift one year and got the guy who's name I'd drawn a small assortment of gourmet chocolates and he was thrilled.

2. Wine lovers always appreciate a bottle of wine. Find out if your guy prefers red, white, sweet or dry. A decent bottle of wine can still be found for ten dollars or less. Visit your local wine shop for suggestions.

3. You can get many CD's, DVD's or Books online for amazingly low prices. My husband loves Neville Schute, a mystery writer from decades ago, and I found him a couple first editions last year on Ebay for under ten dollars! My dad reads old westerns and also enjoys old movies.

4. I was going to say a pound of gourmet coffee, but I guess these days it would have to be a half pound for under ten dollars. Our friend likes Kona coffee, so we usually get him a bag of high-quality beans.

5. A magazine or two in a subject that interests him; sports, computers, gardening, woodworking, fishing etc. Be careful though as some are quite expensive, so note the price before heading to the checkout. My grandson was shopping with me and asked for a video game magazine and I said sure, who knew a magazine would cost ten dollars!? Sometimes you can get a deal on a whole year's subscription for ten dollars!

6. Lounge pants popular and I've seen some for under ten dollars that look very comfy. Then of course there are gloves and knit hats or a scarf.

7. You can often find shirts or hats with his favorite sports team logo on them for around ten dollars. Last year I got lucky and got a three-pack of University of Michigan t-shirts for my son-in-law for ten dollars with an in-store coupon. There are also car flags, door mats and all sorts of items with sports logos on them.

8. He may want a certain screw driver or level or tape measure and you can get deals on these as well. Be sure to get the best quality you can afford. One year my son bought my husband one blade for his circular saw and I thought it was a lame gift, but was surprised at how much my husband liked it! Better to buy one excellent tool than a half-dozen cheap ones.

9. Make up an emergency road kit using some items you already have around (like a blanket and bottled water) for his car. Or a first aid kit.

10. My Dad likes crosswords and jigsaw puzzles, so those are easy to find. One year we bought him a lap desk, a couple of crossword books and pencils. A clip-on lamp or a lap desk are also helpful.

I hope these ideas are helpful or maybe jog your imagination so you'll come up with even better ones!


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