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Christmas Gifts for Guys

Updated on November 28, 2010
Man opening gift
Man opening gift | Source

Great Gifts for Special Guys

Okay, ladies, here we are once again facing the big annual dilema - what does that man really want? For many of us, that to get for that hard-to-buy-guy is often put off until it's crunch time. That moment of panic or shit-or-get-off-the-pot time! And, once again we go to stores that seem to be favorite haunts of male testosterone. You know what I men, places like the cigar shop, hardward store, tekki places or the pro-golf shop. Choosing a gift for a man is probably one of the most difficult tasks we women are faced with. We pick a tool and they want a different kind of brand; that perfect golf club is 'okay' but not exactly what he wanted; or that box of Cuban Cohiba Behike cigars only to find out he wanted everyday simple Dutch Masters! What's a girl to do?

First, take a look at that man and watch what tools he uses or has said he would like to have. Listen to those little comments that he makes throughout the year and store them away in your memory bank. If you drag him to the mall now and then, watch to see if he pauses in front of a lingerie shop just to scope out the wares. And, if he's a guy that perfers to spend his free time in his own 'man-cave' perhaps a trip to the computer hardward aisle is in order.

So, what gifts are perfect for men? Quite often men are happy with something that has a cord or no cord, like power tools and remote controls. Lots of men like things that entertain or have lots of flashing lights. For some electronic gifts are the only way to go. For others, a gift that will get them out of the house is perfect. Here's a few that you might want to consider:

Sports Tickets. If the guy is into sports, tickets to sporting events can be perfect.

Entertainment. If he perfers hanging out at home, a new CD player, DVD, or home theater system couldn't be all bad. Or, a high-definition hang-on-the wall big screen TV.

Personal Organizer. No, not another address or appointment book, but a nice Palm Pilot that he can program with all his important appointments, dates or birthdays.

Get Personal. If he's into the NFL, NASCAR, MLB, NBA, or NHL there is a lot to choose from any guy would like to get. Things like autographed helmets, shirts, and watches. How about a wrapped ticket to drive one of those motor-muscle NASCAR's?

Wacky or Weird. Lots and lots of guys love gadgets and countless of interesting apparatus' can be found on line or in speciality stores.

Tired of paintball? How about a water bomb launcher that sends the bombs soaring more than 120 feet?

Is your man into taking it to the limit? A virtual soldier extreme experience (an SA80 rifle that fires invisible beams as fast as a 5.56 bullet and has sensors in the helmet that rendersenemy weapons inoperable).

Is he a daredevil? How about a freefall or skydiver course?

Does your guy like toys? How about a RC airplane or helicopter? Maybe he'd like a beer machine to make and serve a cold beer on draught.

Is your guy into health? Maybe he's struggling to stop smoking. Why not give him the gift of success - an electronic cigarette? These little marvels look and feel like real cigarettes, right down to the clouds of artificial smoke without any tobacco! Nicotine vapour is inhaled but without any of those nasty carcinogens real cigarettes (and cigars) contain. No smoke smell, no more shirts with burn holes, and eco-friendly!


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    • carolina muscle profile image

      carolina muscle 

      7 years ago from Charlotte, North Carolina

      Ok... one of everything, pleeeze. LOL

    • OpinionDuck profile image


      7 years ago

      There a lot more fun devices than your short list of

      If he perfers hanging out at home, a new CD player, DVD, or home theater system couldn't be all bad. Or, a high-definition hang-on-the wall big screen TV.

      I just meant this as information and not a critique.


    • Green Lotus profile image


      7 years ago from Atlanta, GA

      Nice Hub with some cool gift ideas. I too keep a mental list during the year. I'm all for electronic cigarettes. I gave several e-cigarette kits out last year and my family was so pleased I had to Hub about it! Cheers.

    • schoolmarm profile image


      7 years ago from Florida

      Great suggestions here - thanks! I got my son a Palm Pilot last year and he still uses it all of the time - one of his best gifts ever - according to him!


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