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Choosing Christmas Lights for Sale | White & Green Wire

Updated on July 24, 2014

Each year when Christmas rolls around, there is always a huge list to check through and decisions to be made on everything from gifts and decorations through to lighting and meal planning.

One of the biggest problems when preparing for Christmas each year is upkeep - you'll often open a box to find the decorations have aged, gotten dirty with layers of dust, been accidentally broken or been infested by mice or other vermin.

Whether you dug out the Christmas lights and discovered that all the bulbs have blown or the wires snapped or even if you just want to upgrade to a different style or color, you'll be in the market to buy some new lights. Keep reading to see some of the products available as well as some more information about choosing the right one for you and your family.

Type Of Christmas Lights

Christmas lights come in a range of styles, lengths and types. For this reason it's important that you choose the lights that suit the area you're using them for. Here are some simple guidelines to help you in your shopping:

Wire Color - Indoor Christmas lights generally come in either green wire and holder or white wire and holder. It's important to choose the right color based on their location and the tree. White wires work best on white trees while green wires work best on green trees. If you're planning to use the wires in other areas of the house, you can choose based on d├ęcor color as well as how you want the lights to look - white holders keep the eyes on the light while a green holder may detract from the overall visual appeal.

Outdoor/Indoor - When choosing the right lights, make sure you choose the correct type for indoor or outdoor lights. Outdoor lights stand up better in the elements and are hardier.

Light Color - There are a huge range of colors available in Christmas lights these days. You can choose a single color such as red or green, pick a rainbow or even mix and match some plain colors to create your own unique design. There are also clear and frosted lights if you want to highlight but not detract from an area.

The Length Of Christmas Lights

When choosing you Christmas lights, it's important to pick ones with the correct length of wire. If you choose one too short, you run the risk of having to use extension cords or move the lights, simply to turn them on. If you pick one too long, you often end up with an ugly pile of green rope that can get in the way or trip somebody.


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