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Christmas Present Ideas for People

Updated on August 8, 2013

Ideas for buying Christmas presents. Get them something they will love!

Cash and Gift Cards:

A gift card or cash may not be personal, but it is just the thing for that person that loves to shop for themselves. Teenagers especially love to purchase their own gifts. Cash never expires but a gift card will, so keep that in mind when gift card shopping.

Presents for the Gardener:

Try assembling a basket full of fresh seeds. Things to include would be fast-growing tree seeds, heirloom vegetables and fruits and lots of unusual herbs. Aim to get a few plants your gardener friend has never tried. We gardeners love trying out new heirloom varieties!

You can also include organic fertilizer or a gift card for red wigglers so your gardener friend can make their own compost!

Gifts for the Pet Lover:

Does your friend have reptiles? Unusual rodents? Maybe the have a tropical aquarium or hermit crabs? One thing a pet-lover will never turn down is pet food! Many reptiles and amphibians thrive on live foods. Why not try creating a live food basket with black soldier flies, mealworms, confused beetles and other tasty live bugs. Call distributors and ask about gift cards for their products, as well.

For the horse rider, try purchasing excellent-quality hay. Maybe an alfalfa mix. Alfalfa is a great addition to cheaper hays and it can really help out during poor hay harvests. Chaffehay is a new popular feed addition that can be purchased in neat and tidy bags, perfect for storing. Horse riders can also use tack cleaning supplies such as leather oil and soap.

Hop onto and look for handmade dog and cat items. is a wonderful place where crafters make the most wonderful things for people and pets alike!

Gifts for the Family:

If the family is active, try to find the sport they love the most and buy personalized active wear and gear. Monogrammed shirts are great, as are jackets. You can even personalize shoes and tennis balls!

If your family is a bit couch potato-y, try getting them a WII or other active gaming system. It will get them off the couch and into motion!

Gifts for Homeschoolers:

Bar none, a gift of a vacation is great. Pick a place that can be incorporated into homeschooling and then pay for a hotel room. Extra gas money would be appreciated as well. This is the sort of gift you should discuss with parents first. Try and get a gift certificate that is good for at least a year so trip planning isn't rushed.

Try getting a set of dry-erase boards and colored dry-erase markers for homeschoolers. It will save their parents money on paper and kids love erasing when they're done. Other items to purchase include school stickers, crayons, paints, paper, laminating machine, scissors, glue, ink, printer paper, printer ink, and various types of world maps and textbooks.

Presents for New Parents:

Cash and free babysitting. These two gifts are what many parents lack! In combination with these, a spa day for mom and a day of T.V or hunting for dad should help to rejuvenate tired parents.

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Christmas Gifts for Homeschoolers

For that homeschooling parent in your life.

Christmas Gifts for Gardeners.

A few Christmas gift ideas for gardeners.


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