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Christmas Presents for Dogs

Updated on March 14, 2011

Introduction to Christmas Presents for Dogs

The Christmas period is a time of love, a time of family, and a time of joy, but it is important that you bring all of the family together, including your dogs! Christmas presents for dogs vary greatly, but there are some fantastic gift ideas out there that will make your pet as happy as the rest of the family over the festive season!

There are some fantastic Christmas presents for dogs which will not break the bank, but definitely keep your dog entertained through Christmas, be it a chew toy, or a new kennel, you can find some great Christmas gifts for dogs!

Even if you are trying to save a little cash over the Christmas period, there are some great gifts for dogs out there which will mean the world to them!

Christmas Presents for Dogs
Christmas Presents for Dogs

Christmas Presents for Dogs: Chew Toys

Chew toys are nice, simple, and keep your dog happy for hours upon end. Chew toys are simple, effective and they provide endless entertainment, whether your dog is playing with the toy by itself, or if you are playing fetch.

Chew toys can be in the shapes of animals, bones or simple shapes, you imght want to buy a few different kinds, because dogs will always pick a favorite which they will love more than the others.

Some chew toys are simple rubber constructions, other are designed to come apart and contain a meat, or doggy treat, some make sounds, and some even have motors inside to keep your dog entertained by the movement. Some chew toys for dogs can even clean their teeth, making them a great Christmas present for dogs!

Dog Kennel
Dog Kennel

Christmas Presents for Dogs: Kennel

What better way to show your dog it's Christmas than to give it a new home. Dog Kennels are one of the best Christmas presents for dogs, after all, it gives them a new place to feel safe and comfortable during the night.

Dog Kennels come in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles. Indoor dog kennels for instance often have bars instead of walls to allow the dog to see around the room. Outdoor kennels on the otherhand are usually walled, to help keep your dog warm and cosey, even in colder weather.

Christmas Presents for Dogs: A New Collar and Leash

A new collar and leash can be the perfect thing to brighten up your dogs appearance, If your dog loves to go on walks then a brand new dog collar. A new color, style, or even pattern of collar and leash can spruce up your dog, and give it a brand new look!

You might like to see your dog happy on a sweet looking new collar as it plays in home and at the park!

Every dog owner needs a leash to keep their dog safe when they take it for a walk, and whether you want to jazz your dog up with a funky collar, or just have a leash that demands a little more attention, you can keep your canine safe, without having it look drab.

What are the Best Christmas Presents for Dogs?

Most times the best Christmas presents for dogs are the gifts they love the most. Some dogs are lazy, some dogs are active, some dogs are playful, and others somber.  Choose a gift which will make your dog happy, and maybe it will make life a little easier for you too!

If you want to keep it simple, most dogs will love a new toy, whether it is a chew toy, a tug of war rope or something to go fetch.  There are millions of toys for dogs out there, and your dog will love most of them.

Sometimes your dog will turn it's nose up at a toy, There is unfortuantely not too much you can do about this, just remember to pick something different next time, and keep trying until you figure out what your dog really loves!


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    • KoffeeKlatch Gals profile image

      Susan Haze 7 years ago from Sunny Florida

      I love the platypus, it looks to me to be the perfect gift for one of my dogs. Thanks for sharing.