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Save Money on Holiday Christmas Shopping for Less

Updated on December 12, 2017

Christmas Shopping Tips

During the Christmas holidays, people want to give friends and family Christmas gifts with special meaning. It is no secret, the economy is a roller coaster ride. Unless you are "Mr. or Mrs. Money Bags", Christmas shopping for less is going to take a little creative thinking. It may not be possible to buy gifts for the whole neighborhood; however, being conscious of sale items will help you have a financially delightful Christmas.

Shop early. This means you have the advantage of shopping without pressure; increasing your chance of getting special gift items on sale. Clip coupons whenever possible; don't ignore sale papers. The economy is slow and many stores are working hard to attract customers. This season, that means: retailers are going to be competing for your dollar, So, all is not lost on the money saving front.

Food products make wonderful gifts for the holiday celebrations. A Christmas picnic basket is a fantastic Christmas gift. This gift would work for a day of football for the guys, or to give a busy friend a break from cooking.

Get together with other parents buying items in bulk; toys and household gift items is another way to do Christmas shopping for less. There are a number of places to shop: small discount stores are options but you must shop early. Larger discount brokers, "Sam's Club", "Coscos' and others are extremely good for bulk shopping.

Be adventurous with your decorating too. Break the mold and try new things to decorate with. Need more gift ideas. Stop by this blog again and get more ideas. Experiment with more handmade and recycled Christmas ornaments; retro decor is really fun.

If a particular toy is not especially important to your child, consider the "not so popular" brand of the same toy type. While you are gift giving, think of things that are useful. There are items that are not thought of as Christmas gifts. Nevertheless, they would be most appreciated by receivers. Christmas shopping for less can be fun. So, go ahead and challenge yourself to find the best gifts for the lowest prices.

This Christmas season we must all break away from the conventional. The Holiday season can be just as enjoyable and kept within budget; if you sit down and take the time to think about it. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday Season.

Happy Holidays
Happy Holidays

Glass Christmas Ornaments

Glass ball Christmas ornaments shimmer and sparkle with the reflection of Christmas tree lights. They twirl and glow in the firelight while reflecting oddly shaped faces. Get these uniquely illuminated objects in matching sets and coordinate a room with sparkling silver, gold, or rich reds and green yarns. These festive decorative items open up a long list of home décor possibilities for a bright holiday season.

Christmas ornaments are sold in various shapes and sizes. Ranked as the most beautiful trinkets for holiday tree decorating. Use glass or brass gems for the holiday tree, or other imaginative Christmas designs. During the holiday season; it is easy to find beautifully hand blown glass items painted with great skill. Many ornaments are hand painted with lovely designs, and lavishly placed on the tree. Nativity scenes, festive Santa's, and other artistic designs are sold online at affordable prices.

Christmas is the one time of year you get to show off the most creative side of your personality. Blend festive trinkets with the colors of cinnamon and use pinecones, and holly bushes as accents. These will reflect the beauty of anything near them; enhancing the look of the season. Use clear materials as a stand-alone item or as pretend pieces of ice in a snowflake castle to decorate a table setting.

Create centerpieces, shelf decorations or wrap around tinsels with colored or clear twinkled ornaments. Glass ball Christmas ornaments are delightful to buy and very easy to use. Create personally crafted displays. Wrap them in satin or get them in butterfly shapes. Hand blown designs are keepsakes for years to come. The shapes, and meanings attached to each ornament is a treasure. Vintage decorations are lovely too. Old-fashioned glass candy canes and jolly St. Nicholas props are adorable pieces for the tree or table settings. Treat your home to these lovely pieces or give a gift to a friend, and make it a happy holiday season.

Glass Christmas Ornaments

Christmas Gifts for In-laws

Buy Christmas gifts for Inlaws and win their hearts with these smart ideas and make a great impression. There are dozens of Christmas presents for inlaws and here are a few great ones. These gifts are very thoughtful and will be appreciated even if recipients have everything. These gifts go way beyond money. Win their hears with these smart ideas. Young couples or people raising families are generally not rolling in does. These gifts are nice and practically priced. Parents will not feel guilty accepting them because they think you cannot afford them and the cost will not destroy your budget.

Father in law

Denali 115-Piece Home Tool Kit makes a great gift. Your father in law can only be impressed. A father likes to know his son in law can get down to the real basics when in a crunch and this really tells the tale. A great looking tool set that works. Practically everything you need is in the bag while getting you father in law a set get yourself one too.

Mother in law

A Gold Talking Necklace Charm Pendant tells your mother in law how delighted you are she is a part of your family. After all, if it were not for her you would not have your loving spouse. Celebrate her with this great gift.

Mother in laws are extra hard to please so you just might want to get her something extra, try the 5X7 Double Hinged My Other Mother Poem – Black Picture/ Photo Frame. This frame is gorgeous while the photo is flanked by a lovely poem. The frame, beautifully designed would be a lovely addition to your mother in law’s collection of photo pieces.

Daughter in law

A Year of Wishes Gift for My Daughter-in-law Porcelain Musical Ginger Jar. This is a lovely gift. Some form of a ginger jar have been used down through the ages Cezanne made gorgeous paintings of them now; present a lovely ginger jar as a music box. This is a gift one can never outgrow; messages are listed for 365 days of the year to remind her of your care. This treasure goes from childhood to old age. Anyone would treasure such a gift lovely gift.

Son in law

InspirationzStore Typography Best Son in Law Ever gift basket for the son in law working hard to take care of your daughter; give him the comfort of a practical family basket. This is very nice for the office and contains items he can use no matter where he is. These items make great Christmas presents for in laws. The gifts are fantastic but the effort has got to win you a few points.

Peace on Earth
Peace on Earth

Early Shopping

It is yet summer but the holiday season will find be around before you know it and many people will be unprepared. The best thing is to start shopping early. This will give you lots of time to think about the products are purchasing. So make your list and begin, now.

Learning Toys


Looking for a great toy for your child for Christmas, check out the Leapfrog selection of learning toys. They will be a joy for them to get for Christmas and the use will go on throughout the year. The selection is large and there are learning toys for all age groups. The Leapfrog Educational Gaming Systems such as Go Diego, Dora the Explorer Camping Adventure, Sponge Bob Square Pants Fist of Foam, and many others. These can be given to children throughout your family. As I write this review I am coached by little people to include Nicktoons Android Invasion.  Merry Christmas, and Happy Holiday.

Write A Diary

   Self Help Book Diary *** Your Diary 

Writing a diary has been a way of keeping record for many generations. If you have made organizing yourself one of your New Years’ resolutions this would be such a wonderful way to start writing your notes and appointments and just your overall things to do list in this lovely little diary.

Putting your thoughts together in such an organized fashion you never know what wonderful ideas you may stumble upon. Using a diary in this way may spark some serious writing skills. It is nice sometimes just to sit down and put your thoughts on paper. There is so much to be written, so much to be thought about. Writing it down in a lovely diary is one way to start putting your ideas in order.

Have you ever thought about keeping a diary? Many people have kept one at some period in their lives, maybe as a very young person but Diaries are a nice way to keep your memories in clear view.  So many times we forget or we are not sure things happened the way we remember them, so keeping a diary is a splendid way to help keep your memories in tact.

A diary can take another generation on a walk through the past. A diary can be a documentation of your life, you may feel that only people who live in Presidential Palaces are the only people who need memoirs but your experiences and your life’s experiences are so important to the people who love you.

You want to record the little everyday things that seem of no consequence that will some day perhaps become of great value; you want to verify major events, which are especially important. You want to record what happens on your way to your destination. Think of your diary as a bread crumb path for future generations.



Christmas Shopping on a Budget

The holiday season is here and shopping for many items will be expensive but there will be things on sale and items you can give or purchase for yourself. Enjoy the festive season and provide a few things that will last after the wrapping has been placed in the trash. A pretty coffee pot or a shiny new toaster always makes your kitchen look better and when things look better you feel better. Enjoy something as simple as having enough towel or extra items in the pantry. Have a joyous and practical holiday

Bunk Beds for Christmas

Make a beautiful Futon Bunk Bed a gift for your child for the holidays. This is an especially great gift for a Tween, caught between being a big kid and a teenager; this Futon Bunk Bed will give your child an extra special feeling of growing up and independence. The Futon Bunk Bed gives the beds and the sitting area, creating a wonderful place for your child to dream of the future. These Bunk Bed Futons come in many different styles and colors. Another Bunk Bed is the Loft set. This Youth Bunk Bed has the desk and drawers, great Christmas gifts for your child.

Special Gift Ideas

Christmas is just around the corner and we would all like to have a happy and less expensive holiday. It is great if you were able to plan for the economic downturn but a lot of people were not. So here we find ourselves hoping to come up with special gift ideas for Christmas on a budget. Very personal gifts ring with love and affection. The gift of care and attention is never too much.

It is difficult to get more special than giving of yourself. Teaching a young child to do something you enjoyed as a child is a wonderful gift on a budget; for example, if you enjoyed collecting stamps, toy cars or played a musical instrument. There is a great deal of learning and valuable conversation that can come from such a gift.

An old fashion teapot and a nice set of hot pads is a special gift idea for Christmas on a budget. There are so many things we use steaming hot water for, soups hot chocolate, and instant coffee just for starters. There are a lot of things fancier but sometimes you don't want to think about the buttons on anything. A special gift is simple, especially in the complicated world we live in. Keeping things simple is a special gift standing on its' Own.

Offering to do chores for an elderly neighbor would be giving a gift and getting one in return. It must be so difficult to pay for every little blade of grass to be cut in this economy. To have an offer of help has to be a priceless gift. Giving a card with a note of promise to shop for grocery on a bad weather day if the person gets a cold or simply is not feeling well is a special gift idea for Christmas on a budget. Think of days when you are out of milk and simply do not feel up to facing the weather, this is an especially nice gift for the elderly.

Toys are great with children, a toy from a different era along with a detailed history; told by you of course, would make a lifelong memory. Basically what it all boils down to is these special gift ideas are all about sharing of yourself, and there is nowhere on earth you can buy that item. Santa and wrapping paper are all about the mystery, glitter and gaiety of Christmas. Giving of you is the special meaning of Christmas. Have a, "Holly Jolly Christmas."

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      4 years ago from USA

      You are very welcome. Thanks for reading.

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      9 years ago from Northern California

      This is more than just Christmas shopping... It's pretty comprehensive! Ah, I love anything reminiscient of the holidays... Thanks!


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