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Christmas Stockings for Dogs

Updated on October 21, 2012

Fido loves getting Christmas presents as much as anyone else, so why not make sure he's got a nifty stocking to stuff? There are loads of exciting and cool options available and I highly recommend considering a felt applique stocking for your pet -- not only will you have fun making it, all that love you put into it will show when it's done and Fido will thank you for it. If you haven't got time to make one of them but would still like to get something cute and pooch oriented, you can try one of the other Christmas stockings on this list which come already made. Either way, your pooch will be very pleased to have his or her own stocking, whether you've made it or purchased it.

Bucilla Santa Paws

All kinds of Fidos on this felt applique stocking! If you don't see your own Fido in the crowd don't worry, he won't mind. It's the thought that counts, and he'll be excited enough just having his own personalized stocking. This one even comes with a bone shaped name tag, so be sure to write his name on it so he can spot it Christmas morning!

Dimensions Sledding Santa

This pet stocking has got Santa sledding with a cute little puppy. If you've got an active dog who loves the snow, your Fido will probably love this felt applique stocking. If you like, you can even change the word Whoosh to Woof! And don't forget to stuff Fido's new stocking with lots of pooch toys!

Christmas Paw Stocking

Kyjen makes great dog stuff so I'm not surprised to see they've got a Christmas stocking for Fido as well. This one is shaped like a dog paw and comes in the classic Christmas colors with fluffy white trim. Lots of Christmas goodies can fit in this one!

Embroidered Dog Stocking

This dog Christmas stocking is quite retro and absolutely adorable. It's already made; all you've got to do is fill it up with doggie toys and treats! Lovely Christmas colors and a funky design make this cute and cheery. Your pooch will be well pleased!

Dog Jingle Bell Stocking

Another adorable stocking for Fido! This one is brightly colored and creatively designed with all sorts of texture. Your dog will love this stocking almost as much as he loves the goodies you fill it up with. It also comes in lime green.


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