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Mini Christmas Tree Gifts

Updated on December 22, 2012

Celosia Christmas Trees

A cute idea for favour gifts for your guests
A cute idea for favour gifts for your guests

Give the gift of life to your guests this Christmas

This year we hosted a pre-Christmas lunch at our new house. I wanted to give each family member a gift to take home with them. I wanted the gift to serve as a reminder of the first Christmas in our home. I thought that it could be a cool idea to give each guest a mini Christmas tree to take home with them. I wanted to ensure that the plant would last all year round and wouldn't require to much effort in the maintenance department!

I went down to our local nursery and looked at the various options of plants that I could use. In the end I settled on an awesome flower type plant called a Celosia. Do some Googling on this plant and you will see why I chose it!

I chose a Celosia plant because:

  • they look like cute little colourful Christmas trees
  • they are vary easy to keep
  • the live in sun or shade
  • they are edible

I took the seedlings I had bought and potted them into cute mini enamel mugs. I recommend drilling a small hole into the bottom of the mug before you plant your seedling. This will make sure that excess water can drain out.

I then used my Brother label maker to make a label with each person's name and stuck it on the outside of the mugs. I used these as gifts for my guests and name cards so they knew where to sit!

Our family loved taking these seedlings home with them, and each member of the family has them growing at their homes.

Hope you enjoyed this post!

Much Love,

The Hippie Housewife

Mugs and Mini buckets on Amazon

I used a Brother Label Printer for the name labels


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    • teaches12345 profile image

      Dianna Mendez 4 years ago

      What a cute idea for a give away at Christmas lunch or dinner. I like the idea that it is simple and the flowers are edible.