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Christmas Yard Decorations on a Budget

Updated on June 17, 2011

On this economic downturn to have a yard full of gorgeous Christmas decorations seem pretty hard. It's hard maybe, but it is not impossible. The Christmas yard decoration is one of special thing you could do for this Christmas. A friend of mine who had been graduated from one of US College said that the most attractive thing to enjoy during Christmas in United States was the Christmas yard decorations on the American houses. It's different and just amazing. Here are some ideas to decorate the yard on a budget :

Start with the Lights

Lighted Christmas decorations are not so expensive, you may use your old collections and decorate the trees. Juniper and similar bushes in your yard make perfect outdoor Christmas trees and are cheap to decorate. String lights suitable for outdoor use on your juniper bush, the same as you would on an indoor tree. The electric bulbs on Amazon are pretty cheap and have many color collections, but you have to consider the electricity consumption too. I think the low-watt electric bulbs are great.

You may decorate all over the yard or just a part from the yard. Consider the neighborhood too, if the lights disturb their bed-time, you'd better not forget to turn off the lights on time, or just use a timer.The most common color combination suitable for the Christmas yard decorations include red, white, copper and green lights that signify festivity; for more sober arrangements blue and green combination look well; for innovative, new look arrangements such as blue and red lights; and mauve and copper lights work effectively. Make sure you cover all the lights connection with tape for the safety of kids or other people. a house in N.Raleigh a house in N.Raleigh

Lighted Garland

Decorate your fences with lighted garland. If your yard has fences, you may arrange the lighted garland on it. Lighted garlands are cheap and definitely will bring the holiday effect to your yard. Lighted garlands are a cheap way to bring Christmas festivity to your yard and stair rails.

For a cheaper lighted garland, I found the interesting DIY lighted garland project in this blog. They made a DIY Lighted Paper Pendant Garland and those are beautiful, creative, and of course cheap. You may add your own lighted paper garland style and have fun with the entire family member.

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Lighted garland orientaltrading.comLighted paper garland
Lighted garland
Lighted garland
Lighted paper garland
Lighted paper garland

Candy Canes

You may add DIY candy canes on your yard using a PVC pipe and ribbons (red, green, golden). Or in my place, we just use a styrofoam and shape it like a candy cane, wrap it with red cloth and add green or golden ribbons as the stripe. After done, you may insert the candy canes into the ground or place them over the sturdy plant stakes.  

Giant Gifts Boxes

Add the giant gifts boxes under the outdoor Christmas tree as ornaments. Use the used boxes and wrap them with colorful paper and ribbons. Place them under the Christmas tree on the yard. We made a lot of gifts boxes to decorate the stage on Christmas celebration and it's cheap, we also add some decorated pine cones. Find pine cones as many as you can, wash them, after dry, apply your favorite holiday color paints like green, red, silver, gold, etc. For a fresh snow-kissed effect, use white paint mixed with just a touch of very light blue. Apply paint to the whole cone, or just the tips, whichever you prefer.


I never experienced snow yet, but in the snowy area the Snowman decorations are cheap ideas to decorate the yard. Make a whole family of Snowman (Dad-Mom-and Kids) put some ornaments on them like hat, carrots (classic), pine cones, sticks, branches, hays, etc
Christmas Wreath movingdesignz.blogspot
Christmas Wreath movingdesignz.blogspot

Welcoming Door Wreaths

You can make it yourself. Use any flowers in the yard, thick metal wire, and branches. Wrap thick metal wire around something circular to make the wreath's shape. You can use a bucket or a pail, for instance. And you may arrange the ornaments as you like (dried plants, holy, berries, pine cones, ribbons, etc)


For me, I prefer to decorate the yard with poinsettia plants. Poinsettia represents Christmas and has a red bright color that bring colorful and cheerful accent to the yard, beside it cheap and abundance here.

Happy Holiday everybody!

Poinsettia from
Poinsettia from


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    • profile image

      Jesus 3 years ago

      - Just found your blog a couple of days ago. So, in love and inpsired by everything I see! All of your images are just so peaceful and calm! What a great giveaway! That strap is so delish, I would almost be tempted to wear it, even without the camera! Think it would work as a scarf? ;0

    • profile image

      Hashimks 3 years ago

      Mark - This has been quite the journey but I am so proud of you that you went back to your tree stuck with what you wntaed from the beginning and worked it through. I feel honored to call you my wife and I look forward to the years to come of all the new and creative ideas that you will come up with. It has been so fun to watch you grow with this whole picture thing and to see the pictures that you have come up with sometimes just blow me away. Love you tons and I will always be here supporting you and challenging you. Love you sunshine.

    • profile image

      SANTA 7 years ago


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    • febriedethan profile image

      febriedethan 7 years ago from Indonesia

      Hi adair_francesca, thank you and hope you will get a wonderful time this Christmas.

    • profile image

      adair_francesca 7 years ago

      Great hub and set of ideas. The info you shared is really good. Thanks for sharing it to us.

    • febriedethan profile image

      febriedethan 7 years ago from Indonesia

      Hi eculligan, thank you and I've read your hub, you have many great selections of gifts.

    • eculligan profile image

      eculligan 7 years ago

      Some really nice ideas. Great hub. If your interested in Christmas ideas for 2010 please visit my hub

    • profile image

      yukie 7 years ago

      its so beautiful

    • febriedethan profile image

      febriedethan 8 years ago from Indonesia

      Misstikal1, thank you

      Putz Ballard, welcome to Hubpages, thank you for visiting and commenting. It must be great to decorate our home with lovely ornaments on Holiday. Have a wonderful Christmas!

    • Putz Ballard profile image

      Putz Ballard 8 years ago

      My wife loves to decorate our home both inside and outside. Great hub!