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Christmas celebration or tradition all over the world

Updated on September 24, 2012

The Christmas season is drawing near again and there are different ways to celebrate this much-awaited season by people from different parts of the world. Did you ever wonder how different countries around the world celebrate Christmas?

Here is a short list of countries that celebrate the Christmas season with their own tradition and beliefs:

Mexico – The Mexicans’ own version of Christmas is called Navidad. The main celebration is called Posadas which means “inns.” The people here carry the images of Mary and Joseph all over a town or city and would look for a place to rest.

China – The Christians that resides here light their houses with lovely paper lanterns. The Santa Claus here is called Dun Che Lao Ren.

Iraq– The Christian families here draw close together so that one of their kids will read about the birth of Jesus. When the reading is already done, the families will lit a fire made up of thorn bushes. When the fire has died down, they will jump over the ashes three times and make a wish.

Russia – The Russians don’t have their Santa, but they have instead Grandpa Frost. He resembles like a Santa a little bit but he makes his appearance during the New Year’s Eve. When the Communists controlled Russia in 1917, the people were not permitted to go to church or to celebrate something about Christmas. But the Russians still wanted that their tradition to endure and this is the reason why they have Grandfather Frost.

Here you have it folks… thanks a lot for the read.

My sixth article in the HubChallenge


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    • emilgen2011 profile image

      Gener and Emily Geminiano 5 years ago from The Land Where Salt is Abundant

      It is a pleasure VT... Thanks a lot for dropping by...

    • Vintagetreasures profile image

      Terri 5 years ago

      Thanks for the hub. It's always nice to learn about other peoples traditions.