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Christmas present gift ideas for older teen/tween/preteen/teenage girly girls

Updated on October 14, 2012

Some gift ideas for girly girls

Teen girls can be particularly difficult to choose fabulous gifts for, especially as they get into the older teen years.

Styles, fashions and tastes can change quickly and that can often leave many an unwanted gift in its wake. But most teens love showing off the latest trends and gadgets to their friends so it's usually fairly safe to opt for something that's 'in' at any given time.

Don't forget to consider the girl's personality and likes/dislikes most of all. Does she wear perfume? What are her favorite colors? What is the theme/colors of her room? Does she normally prefer to wear gold or silver? Does she usually opt for more trendy or more classic pieces? Does she follow fashion or does she like to have a few simple, stape items in her closet?

Here's a few ideas in various price ranges to get you started to pick out the perfect present for the teen girl in your life...

Gifts for the tween, pre-teen or teenage GIRLY GIRL

Girly girls are perhaps the easiest to buy for in many ways because they're usually up for trying anything beauty, hair or makeup related. Anything pretty or pink will have her eyes sparkling, but you want to make sure you get something that suits her personality rather than just splurging on the first fluffy pink journal you spot in the store!

Jewelry almost never fails, and every girl needs hair stuff! And no girl can ever have too many perfumes! Girly teen girls are all about Tiffany, hair accessories, Juicy perfume and candles. There's just so many options for a princess at heart!

Key pendants in silver and gold -

Key jewellery is all the rage now. The trend has been around for a while now, but the popularity really kicked up a notch in the online beauty world when quite a few of the 'beauty gurus' including Blair Fowler (juicystar07) on YouTube started sporting a silver Tiffany inspired key necklace in their videos.

Since then the style has been popping up everywhere. There are so many styles on offer - plain gold or sterling silver, with gemstones or without, CZ keys, clover cutout and ornate vintage looking keys. So many brands have emulated the trend that it is now a really affordable way to be on trend without having to spend hundreds or thousands for a designer brand piece. And that way you can have a lot more types of pendants rather than just a couple of expensive pieces.

Sure, it's nice to have those few extremely special pieces that you own, particularly ones from milestones like an 18th or 21st birthday gift, but it's nice to be able to keep up with the latest looks whilst keeping it affordable.

Cubic Zirconia stud earrings-

Girly girls love bling. For younger girls it's nice to have the look of that glam without the price tag of diamonds. CZ provides that sparkle that all teen girls love. Great to give some glimmer to the earlobes for a night out or any number of special occasions... also not the end of the world if one falls out and gets lost because it's not a diamond! Zirconia is still a semi precious stone and throws out even more sparkle than most gemstones.

Cubic Zirconia has become really popular for earrings as it catches the light beautifully with the movement of the head. And it's become particularly popular for studs as they can be dressed down for a more casual outing or for work.

They just look right in any setting. Round is very popular, especially brilliant and princess cut, but there are a few square shapes out there as well for those looking for something a little different. But the round shape looks very classic and classy on anyone and for almost any occasion. And they make great everyday earrings for girls who don't like to wear too much other jewelry as they sparkle so much just on their own! Plus they're pretty practical as they don't dangle down so they can't get tangled or caught on clothing or hair, but they still make a statement. A pair of diamond studs should be a part of every girl's jewelry collection!

Statement piece - name jewellery!

Personalized name jewelry-

Personalized jewelry has made a comeback in the last few years! Rings with your name circling around the band are very popular, as are couples names on the band.

Name pendants in silver or gold are also extremely hot right now. Or necklaces with 1 or 2 initials are also very cute and classic. Even personalised earrings are popping up now! I've seen them everywhere from markets to high-end jewelry stores. But there are also great deals online. Amazon has a fabulous range of personalized jewelry for every price-range and metal/color preference as well.

They look great on anyone from young girls to older women.  Choose to display your full name or just 1 or 2 initials... there's so many choices out there - even gem zirstones and rhinestones and CZ (cubic zirconia) set into the silver or gold.  The sparkly ones look very striking but for something more classic stick with plain metals.  It really depends on the style of the girl you are buying for - is she more conservative with her jewlellery or does she like to have a lot of sparkle?  These necklaces really do stand out whatever they are made of though!  They are a real statement piece.

Beautiful personal necklaces - any name or word! Also in silver or gold!

Perfumes / fragrances-

A girly girl can never own too many perfumes! It's in their nature to want to try out new scents and wear something new every now and again. It's a great gift for a Mom to give her teen daughter.

Teen girls usually prefer something light, fluffy and fruity. But older girls will still want a sophisticated scent paired with an elegant and pretty perfume bottle.

So, don't go for anything too cloying or 'old lady-ish' when choosing a perfume for a teenage girl. Keep it airy and fun with a fruity twist.

Here's some of the top fragrances for young women at the moment... light, young, fresh yet funky.....

Top 7 fragrances for young women - you'll find great deals on Amazon -

Makeup accessories-

Every girly girl needs her beauty accessories.  Makeup train cases and beauty organizers have become very popular.  As slumber parties turn into traveling for longer periods away from home for vacations or visiting friends etc, there's always a need for cute cases and bags to store makeup and beauty items in.

But even at home, any young girl who has a lot of makeup and beauty products needs somewhere to keep them safe or display them.  

Makeup mirrors are popular.  They have lighting and all manner of special angled panels to keep your girl looking her best as she plays with her makeup collection.  Any girl who has a lot of perfumes will want somewhere pretty and practical to display all the gorgeous bottles!

Amazon's bestselling beauty bags, carryons, travel makeup cases and makeup mirrors...

Attractive display and storage for jewellery and perfumes

Every girl needs a place to store or display her jewellery and perfumes... a clear or glass tray makes an attractive vanity or desk feature as well as providing a place for fragrance bottles where they can be shown off together. A jewellery tree also looks stunning on a side table or vanity table and it keeps necklaces and bracelets tangle free and many of them also have a bowl or tray at the base of the tree to store smaller jewelry items such as rings and earrings.

The mother of all hair brushes... great gift for mother to daughter too

Gotta buy for a beauty girl who has everything? Chances are she doesn't own the master of all hair brushes - a Mason Pearson! Yes, they are rather expensive, particularly for a hairbrush, but they are the absolute best available on the market in terms of quality, design and longevity.

They will literally last you forever if you take proper care of them! They are a real investment if you want the best brush for your hair, especially if you struggle with unmanageable locks, thickness, frizziness or just want to experience a brush that doesn't snag or break strands of your hair when you want to give your locks a thorough brush and brush to keep your scalp healthy and stimulate the natural oils in your hair.

See below for a great discounted price on the Mason Pearson hair brush from Amazon ...

Beauty accessories - brushes, hair accessories, perfume trays and more...

EcoTools 6 Piece Essential Eye Brush Set, Includes: Large Shadow, Angled Crease, Petite Eye Shading, Liner Smudge and Eye Liner Brushes, and Cosmetic Bag, Cruelty Free
EcoTools 6 Piece Essential Eye Brush Set, Includes: Large Shadow, Angled Crease, Petite Eye Shading, Liner Smudge and Eye Liner Brushes, and Cosmetic Bag, Cruelty Free
Ecotools are fab - affordable but they WORK! They really do, they work a charm. They are pretty much the softest makeup brushes you will ever find. Plus perhaps the best thing about these makeup brushes is that they are cruelty free - yep, that's right, 100% no animal hair. All their packaging is recyclable as well. A great deal!

Nail polish sets-

There's always fabulous nail varnish sets and gift pack collections that come out around the holidays.  Brands love to showcase the best of their brand whilst also offering some new colors and shades for people to try out.

OPI always releases gorgeous collections around Christmas time.  There's always warm and inviting holiday shades and usually a few glimmering tones for the festive season for those times around the party season when you can be a bit more adventurous with your color choies.  

They tend to be excellent value as well because you're getting more polishes for a reduced price.  It's always good to buy in bulk and enjoy the savings if you can, and Christmas gifting is always a good chance to do that.  

China Glaze is another fantastic nail polish brand.  Their quality is even better than OPI in some instances.  

Other people really swear by Orly and Essie.  But in my opinion, China Glaze, OPI and Essie are the top three in terms of quality and range of shades and finishes.  They always go on very smoothly and stay on the longest.  You can't go wrong choosing any of those brands.  

Top selling nail colors and OPI sets

Some best-selling candles from Yankee and Bath and Body Works...


Girly girls love burning candles. There are so many amazing brands emerging who have incredibly unique and gorgeous scents on offer. Whether you are drawn to fruity scents, bakery scents, nature scents, floral scents or anything in between... these brands really do have it all. These are probably my top 3 favorite brands of candles. I've never tried any of the Bath and Body Works candles, but I have heard they are pretty good too.

I just adore Lily Flame candles. They're extremely popular in England and they are made in the UK. They come in great tins so you don't have to worry about dripping wax or burning any surface you decide to put them on, the tin can rest on the lid also for extra surface protection from the heat, even though the packaging itself doesn't actually get very hot.

I also quite like the cult favorite brand Yankee candles. They are a bit over-hyped, but the jars are fabulous. They are great for giving as gifts and they come in various sizes. I don't love all the scents, but some I've tried out are divine.

Candles By Victoria has also started to become quite a cult favorite amongst the YouTube beauty community. And with good reason, her array of scents is to-die-for. Whatever your taste, there will be a scent to suit you and your mood. There really are so many! You only have to look at Victoria's website to see how many scents there are to choose from - which can be rather overwhelming at first but you can buy scent-shots to start with or smaller candles to see what you like and what you don't like. They really all smell divine and a lot of them smell good enough to eat!

They make a fabulous gift or stocking stuffer for any girl who loves her room or bathroom to smell pretty or who loves to relax over a nice long bath... the packaging of candles is so cute these days that they make better presents than ever before. You can get a few smaller candles so she can try out a variety of scents or if you know the type of scent that she prefers, just get her one larger size candle.  There are also a ton of Christmas and holiday themed scented candles out at the moment - so they always make a great Christmas gift if you're not sure what sort of scents she likes.

Pamper packs / spa gift sets-

Every girly teen loves to pamper herself. It's a great idea to give a pamper pack or a spa gift set in addition to some nail polish, a candle or a cute towel set or a body lotion from somewhere like The Body Shop or Bath & Body Works. They have great sets around holiday season to make your special gal feel like a princess.

Burt's Bees make fantastic products and their sets are great value - they have everything you need from head to toe to pamper, moisturize, buff, scrub and treat yourself - plus they are all natural. Bonus!

Bags, bags, bags... girls can never seem to have too many!

Funky tote bags and cool purses-

As with perfume, girls can never have too many handbags! Having a purse in almost every color is many girl's dream!

Look for up-to-date brands and styles and go for something that she can wear with a lot of different outfits. And maybe think about buying something that she can carry to school as well if she's the kind of girl who likes to have a trendy, oversized bag with her at all times. Have a look for something she can keep her books in whilst still looking girly and trendy at the same time. Some of these will even have enough space for a laptop in them as well!

Girly girls tend to love Guess, Coach and Juicy Couture, so these brands are always safe options.  Every girl needs a black purse in their closet.   But have a look at some of the bright offerings from Juicy Couture and Coach... they have an amazing range of bright pinks and also pastels to spice up a plain outfit. Juicy also has that cult popularity amongst teens nowadays. Coach is often a little pricey, but Amazon does have very good deals on Coach and Juicy that beat retail store offerings.

Juicy - the must have bags and accessories for tweens!

Cute bright PJ sets...

PJ sets-

Every girl loves cute pajamas! Bright colors are fun for the holidays but girly teens adore cute prints so go for something that's fun and funky but also playful!

Girly girls tend to gravitate towards all things pink, particularly hot pink and all shades of purple! When choosing bedding, linen or pyjamas, you can't really go wrong with bright pinks and purples. Perfect for that princess in your life. There's nothing better than getting cute new PJs that you can pop straight on at Christmas and relax in front of a good movie.

Give her the gift of a fun new bedroom look!

Quilt cover / bedding sets-

Cute new bedding is always a hit with teen girls! They love kitting out their room and spicing it up with something new and bright! Get creative and think about matching cushions, lamps and curtains as well as some coordinating desk accessories and decorations.  

Girly girls love redecorating their bedroom and choosing bright matching colors and coordinating shades to create their own unique sanctuary.  Animal prints are back in again... but the fun colored ones!  Purples, pinks, aquas... give life to a dull or white-walled room with a bright quilt cover set and throw cushions.  You could even add a matching lamp, curtains, decorative over-bed mosquito net, throw rug or photo frames to match in with the color of the new bedding!

Amazon has a huge range of funky bedding and linen for girls and teens at affordable prices!

Just for fun...

Do you find Christmas / holiday shopping enjoyable, or a chore?

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      earring backings 

      9 years ago

      great gift ideas! Thanks for sharing the great info for those of us with sons who never know what to buy girls. :-)


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