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Our Role Every Christmas: The Best Gift Ever

Updated on December 2, 2012

What is Your Gift to the Savior?

The best Christmas present was initiated by Jesus; He gave Himself to us. The Savior is both Gift and Giver. Since then, His act of giving perpetuated every year, and it entreats a response from us. Our best Christmas gift is to give our hearts to Jesus, and to dedicate our lives to Him.

The words are worth repeating: Jesus is the reason of this season, for we are the reason why He came to give His life. He is the real reason for our living.

What role will you portray in this episode of our lives?

a) Would you be like Mary who said “Yes” to God’s plan, and carried out God’s will to and through her life?

b) Would you be like the innkeeper who has no more room in his life to accommodate the carrier of salvation, no more space in his heart for the Savior of all he is and loves to dwell in?

c) Or would you be like the Magi who left the comforts of home to follow the leading towards Jesus, of whom they opened their treasures and worshipped?

When we can think hard and long for a gift to our loved ones, then how much more the Father of all? He had thought for all eternity-past for the perfect gift for all time – a gift that is meant to be received.

Let us welcome the Savior with all of our hearts. Allow the warmth of His embrace to loosen the winter numbness between Him and us. Be invited into God’s eternal Christmas party!


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